Shonda Rhimes 'Exhausted' by Deepening Time's Up Crisis as New York Times Reveals More Conflicts of Interest

Group’s chief executive Tina Tchen acknowledges “broken trust”


Shonda Rhimes says she’s “exhausted” by the worsening Time’s Up crisis in a new report about conflicts of interest within the organization published by the New York Times Saturday.

“The fact that Time’s Up has become viewed as a receptacle for and the focus of men trying to cover up their obscene behaviors is exhausting to me,” Rhimes, a co-founder of the organization, said in a statement to the Times. “Saving men, especially predatory men, is not on Time’s Up agenda.”

According to the Times, some board members “are privately questioning” whether the organization will survive following the reveal that Time’s Up leaders had advised Gov. Andrew Cuomo as sexual harassment accusations against the now-resigned New York governor arose recently.

“We have, obviously, a broken-trust moment and a real examination, after three and a half years, of whether this is the right way to work,” Tina Tchen, the chief executive of Time’s Up, told the Times. “I’m open to the answer.”

Rhimes said she supported both Time’s Up and Tchen, per the Times.

Time’s Up board co-chair Roberta Kaplan resigned from the organization earlier this month after a collective cry of indignation by a group of 47 survivors over the fact that she and Tchen were named in an investigation by New York Attorney General Letitia James for aiding Cuomo and his office on how to respond to the accusations — and retaliate against accusers.

Following Kaplan’s resignation, several survivors of sexual harassment told TheWrap is not enough to repair what’s wrong with Time’s Up, which they say has not only been tainted by the Cuomo connection, but has gotten distracted by non-harassment-related issues like racial equity at the Golden Globes and even Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit against Disney over profit participation on “Black Widow.”

In the Times’ Saturday story, Kaplan revealed she was more involved in Cuomo’s administration’s response to the accusations made against him than was first reported earlier this month, telling the Times she provided names of potential defense lawyers for Cuomo and told his team in advance what a February 25 Time’s Up statement about him would say before it was release.

Time’s Up is hiring a consultant to look into its previous actions and help shape its strategy moving forward, a representative told the Times.

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