Simon Cowell teases BGT controversy as he ‘splits up’ dog act: ‘That’s show business!’

Britain's Got Talent star Simon Cowell is famous for splitting up groups who audition on his talent shows – now he’s turned his attention to dogs.

The music mogul, 63, has never had qualms about ditching less talented singers and friendships have been ruined in the audition room when wannabes have dumped their pals to find stardom alone.

But this series of Britain’s Got Talent is the first time the judge has ever put just one half of a dog double act through.

Simon, who will be joined by Bruno Tonioli, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon on the judging panel this year, says, “It was honestly hilarious because the owner was deadly serious. She told us the dogs could play instruments and obviously they couldn't. Well, certainly one couldn't. I just thought, "Well, why not? Split them up. Come back with the more talented one!” I don't think a dog is really going to take it personally if I said to them, ”you are not going to be a part of the show. " But it worked and they got through! That's show business, baby.”

Here Simon answers our questions about what we can expect from the 2023 series of Britain’s Got Talent.

Welcome back to Britain’s Got Talent, what were you hoping for this series?

Well, I think you've got two things, you want to make a show which people hopefully will enjoy watching. And secondly, you want to give whoever it is that opportunity, hopefully, for things to get better in their lives after they've auditioned. I think where things have changed a lot from where we first started is it always used to be about the end prize. I would say now that your first audition is so important because of what happens, virally, that even just that single audition can make a massive difference to your life.

You've seen so much on this show, what are you looking for in an act?

Well, number one, an act you haven't seen before. Or if it's a similar kind of act, they’ve got to be better. It's always great to be surprised. I really like it when someone's brilliant and they've got a regular day job because that obviously adds an extra level to what they're doing. You always hope that you can be surprised. And have people talk about the act afterwards. That's hugely important. I learned that when Susan Boyle was on the show . How many people spoke about her audition? I think that plays a huge part in the show's success now, if an audition goes viral, someone’s career can take off.

How would you rate the standard of acts this year?

I think we've done really well, actually. I was thinking about it last night because it felt like a long run, I'm not going to lie. And then I was thinking about who's going in each show and I was thinking, ”actually, you know what? We've got really good acts. ” Importantly, they're really interesting people, acts we've never seen before. A show like this is important right now because you've got to create two hours of TV which is going to make people feel good . It's everyone watching this show, from kids to grandparents. I love the fact that it's a family show. And you should get emotional, you should laugh out loud, and some of the stuff we have this year, and I’m not necessarily talking about the comedians, it's really funny.

Do you think you are still the toughest judge to impress?

I don't know, I think we all have different opinions. I don't really think about it too much. You have to take each act individually. Rather than just thinking, “I’m just going to be tough or whatever”, because everybody's different. I think it's only fair to be honest. I really, really do . I don't like the idea of lying to people, saying everyone's great because unfortunately, they're not. But the thing about our show, as I said before, you don't need to win to change your career, a good audition that goes viral can open so many doors. That’s what makes us stand out, I think, from other shows.


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