Simon Huck Launches Podcast Emergency Contact Featuring Guests Tan France and Khloé Kardashian

Have you ever wondered who your favorite celebrities call in an emergency? Well, Simon Huck has got you covered!

The PR maven and reality star, 36, just launched a podcast, Emergency Contact, alongside his real-life "emergency contact" of 17 years, Melissa Gray Washington.

Premiering on Monday, Emergency Contact features interviews with celebrities and the people who have stood by them through all of life's ups and downs.

The series will explore pop culture, relationships, parenting and Huck's mission to always be prepared in desperate times.

Emergency Contact was inspired by Huck's passion and involvement with the emergency preparedness space. The industry insider launched JUDY — a safety brand focused on providing families with the tools and resources to be prepared for any situation — in January.

On each episode of the series, which is produced by AB Production and executive produced by Huck, Washington and Allison Bresnick, the hosts will talk about staying prepared during difficult times and will quiz their guests on how to stay equipped when an emergency hits.

Guests of the show include Khloè Kardashian and Malika Haqq; Brad Goreski and Gary Janetti; Olivia and Aurora Culpo, Jordan Firstman, Benny Drama, Brooklyn Decker and more.

Queer Eye's Tan France and husband Rob France kick off episode 1. Tan, 37, and Rob opened up about how they first met, with Rob saying, "I knew he was the one."

"I knew we were going to get married in the first week," Rob continued.

At the end of the episode — as promised, Huck and Washington quizzed Rob and Tan on their emergency preparedness knowledge in a segment called "911, What's Your Emergency?"

For the first question, Huck asked: "Organizations like FEMA and the Red Cross and brands like JUDY talk about the importance of having an out-of-state emergency contact. … Is this because: A. The out-of-state contact is the person you should go stay with when an emergency strikes. B. During most large scale emergencies, phone lines can get jammed making it hard to connect with anyone locally. C. None of the above."

"I'm going to say A," Tan and Rob said, to which Huck said: "That's wrong!"

"The right answer is B. Your out of state contact it really operates as a family switch operator, so in the event that you two are separated you could phone me in New York state and I can say, 'Oh, I've spoken to Rob and he's at Susie's house.' So, everyone needs an out-of-state contact," Huck explained.

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