Sinead accepts she will die in devastating Corrie outcome?

It’s a nerve wracking time for Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) in Coronation Street as she battles with thoughts of her mortality ahead of her MRI scan – and warns worried Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that there’s every chance she could die. With rumours persisting of an exit for the actress, could the warning be a sign of doom to come?

As Sinead awaits her scan, both she and Daniel are anxious about thwta the future holds and she admits to him that they should be prepared for the worst. As Sinead is called through, she is eventually given the positive news that there is no indication that the cancer cells have spread and her tumour has shrunk.

However, Sinead is reluctant to get carried away with relief as she confides in Daniel that she is scared the cancer could return at any time. And that’s certainly the worry for fans as Sinead’s exit has been widely reported towards the end of the year, prompting speculation of an unhappy ending to this heartbreaking story.

In a bid to take Sinead’s mind off of thinking about the cancer, Daniel surprises her with a break to the Scottish Borders so they can get away and relax together for a bit. However, when Sinead’s business starts to get more traction, Daniel suggests they postpone the holiday as she has lots to occupy her with.

Proud of her success, Daniel presents her with a locket and then proposes to her again, suggesting that they should make their marriage official.

As they couple share a tender kiss, it seems Sinead’s mind is finally at ease. But her anxiety about what the future may hold is never far from her mind – is she right to be concerned?

Or can Daniel help her to get past this?

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