‘Sister Wives’: Fans Think the Arguments Over the ‘Pond’ Is a Cover for Bigger Problems

Sister Wives fans believe that Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown arguing over the pond is really a cover for deeper issues. Kody Brown decided to keep the pond on his lot of the Coyote Pass property, but still, his wives continue to argue over having access to it.

The ‘Sister Wives’ argue over access to the pond

This season, the Coyote pass “pond” has been a significant topic of discussion (and the source of many arguments). The wives have been trying to devise a solution regarding access to the pond since trying to divide the lots. Many Sister Wives fans are confused as to why the pond is such an issue in the first place.

Many fans have argued that what the wives call a pond is nothing more than a drainage ditch or retention pond. Either way, Janelle is worried that she won’t have access to the pond. She’s going as far as asking Meri to sign a legal contract saying she will allow access to it. She wants to use the water from the pond for her greenhouses. However, it’s unlikely the pond water will be safe to use.

In a prior season of Sister Wives, the realtor who showed the Brown family the Coyote Pass property said the pond would not be healthy to swim in. The realtor disclosed that the prairie dog population causes potential risk for prairie dog waste to spread diseases. Despite this, after buying the property, Kody jumped into the pond for a celebratory swim.

‘Sister Wives’ fans think that the pond is a cover for bigger problems within the family

The pond has been a source of contention within the family, but Sister Wives fans think the arguing is about something much deeper. One Sister Wives fan wrote on Reddit, “It’s a power move. Nobody actually wants the pond.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “I am starting to think the pond represents how the wives secretly feel about Kody.” While another Sister Wives fan believes there’s more to it. They wrote, “I honestly believe there’s a psychological component to this, which revolves around the wives trying to exercise their autonomy.”

The pond will be on Kody’s Coyote Pass lot

After years of trying to divide the property into lots, Kody finally got all four of his wives to agree on which lot they will build on. He decided to avoid more issues regarding the pond that he would just make it his lot. Kody’s wives initially thought that having his own lot on Coyote Pass was a ridiculous waste of money. However, making the pond on a lot in neutral territory seemed to be what the wives needed to decide.

Kody plans to build his own house on the lot with the pond. The house will also be used as a guesthouse for when the older children come to visit. He also mentioned the fifth house being an investment, meaning that someday he could even rent out the home to earn extra income.

Sister Wives fans are confused why the pond is such a big deal in the first place, considering it is a potential health hazard. Could it be a cover for bigger issues inside of the family? It’s very likely. Sister Wives airs Sundays on TLC and discovery+.

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