Sky News presenter red-faced after viewers spot swear word during live report

X-rated word spotted behind Sky News presenter

Sky News displayed a swear word on its screen on Monday, which eagle-eyed viewers quickly picked up on.

Broadcaster Kimberley Leonard was reporting on the latest on Sky News at One when the journalist switched to a different page on her tablet which showed the word “s***”.

Her tablet display had been projected onto a screen behind her as she scrolled through and an ad for comedy production “S**t-Faced Shakespeare” popped up.

Naturally, viewers took to social media to point out the blunder before it was fixed.

Twitter user @infoSecSki penned: “@SkyNews Now, I need to know about s***-faced Shakespeare.”

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@meanderingtripe wrote: “*snorts very loudly* Glorious. Best of luck to @s***facedshake and @lsqtheatre: definitely worth paying for that web advert.”

“Hahahahaha just the best! #enjoyshakespeareresponsibly,” @BLPriestley shared.

@Antihippy stated: “My problem is much more fundamental. Why is this person reading the news website from an ipad live on telly?”

@sturdyAlex added: “Maybe don’t show your website on telly at lunchtime, if you’ve accepted “S***-Faced Shakespeare” as an adevrtiser. They will be delighted though. Instant viral.”

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@OperaCreep posted: “You can imagine the laughter and screaming in her earpiece,” while @danbarker added: “Excellent accidental advertising for the Leicester Square Theatre.”

Soon after, Kimberley swiped away and the screen changed, but fans had already noticed the awkward mishap.

It came hours before Sky Sports presenter Melissa Reddy also let slip a rude word while talking about Manchester United goalkeeper Andre Onana.

The channel was forced to apologise after Melissa stated: “He feels that in Onana, he has signed a big personality. We’ve already seen glimpses of that.

“Him b*****king his defenders when they’ve made a mistake.”

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