'Snowfall' Season 4 Episode 9 Predictions Say Danger Is Coming to [Spoiler]

Snowfall is getting more intense with each episode. Starring Damson Idris as Franklin Saint, the TV show follows a small-time drug dealer who gradually builds a multimillion-dollar business in 1980s Los Angeles. Now in season 4, Franklin is more powerful than ever and with that brings a lot of enemies.

Tensions boiled over in episode 8 when one of his rivals made a move against his camp. But some viewers think much more drama is coming in episode 9.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for Snowfall Season 4, Episode 8, “Betrayal”]

A recap of what happened in ‘Snowfall’ Season 4, Episode 8

The episode opened with Reed in Nicaragua, where he learned just how bad the war had gotten. But that was really the least of his problems, as Irene had just published her exposé of the CIA’s involvement in the crack cocaine business.

Meanwhile, Manboy, Skully, and Khadijah continued to plot on taking out Franklin’s crew and stealing his plug. Growing impatient, Khadijah went off on her own and set up a drive-by at Fatback’s funeral, which resulted in Aunt Louie getting shot.

An enraged Jerome immediately wanted to get revenge, but Franklin resisted in fear of creating a full-on war. Tanosee interrupted with an idea for Franklin to give up his plug in exchange for a stop to the violence. But her attentiveness just made him more suspicious of her.

By the end of the episode, he’d figured out she’d been working with Manboy. But Jerome might get to him before he can.

What fans think will happen in the next episode of ‘Snowfall’

The predictions for the next episode are varied. But one of the most popular theories says Jerome will carry out his attack, which could have serries consequences for him.

“Jerome and fatback cousin and [his] crew bout to catch bodies!!” one fan wrote under a trailer for the next episode which was shared on YouTube.

Another agreed, saying they “feel like jerome gone start banging & make the war even deeper.”

“Jerome is too emotional right now, he has to listen to franklin because it’s all about LOGIC, everything is about being logical in ANY SITUATION(S),” read a third comment. “Jerome trying to handle things off of his emotions which is gonna lead him to more problems, NEVER THINK WITH YOUR EMOTIONS, ALWAYS USE YOUR EMOTIONS TO THINK.”

Others said they believe Franklin will use Tanosee to set up Manboy.

“I dont think Franklin gonna kill her just yet,” one comment said.

“The only way Frank should let T live is if he uses her to get Manboy alone again in a trap. Then he should have her brother killed for the betrayal,” another person wrote.

But some couldn’t imagine Jerome or Manboy dying, saying instead that it could either be Cissy, Alton, Irene, or Reed. Any of those outcomes would set the stage for an exciting season 5 story, but viewers will have to wait and see what happens. Watch Snowfall every Wednesday on FX at 10 p.m. ET.

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