Spoilers: Exit confirmed for Ryan in dramatic Coronation Street downfall?

In tonight’s Coronation Street Debbie (Sue Devaney) unveiled a plan for Ryan (Ryan Prescott) to stage a robbery in the Coronation Street Bistro in order to make a claim on the insurance – and it didn’t come as a huge surprise when things didn’t go quite as smoothly as they’d hoped. Leanne (Jane Danson) almost caught Ryan red-handed, but it wasn’t long before she realised that the money had gone.

In upcoming episodes Craig (Colson Smith) questions Debbie, Leanne and Nick (Ben Price) about the break-in, and then he goes to the Rovers to question Ryan.

Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) suggests that there’s a back-up power system for the CCTV and Leanne, Nick, Debbie and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) watch the footage – where it’s instantly obvious that the robber was none other than Ryan.

He’s immediately arrested and interviewed by the police. Not wanting to take the fall for something that was all Debbie’s idea, he calls her and threatens to drop her in it.

As Ryan finds everyone in the Street turning against him, convinced of his guilt, he feels completely alone. Nick tells him he has 24 hours to return the cash or he will make sure he goes to jail.

He has a last-minute attempt to get Debbie to agree to stage fake CCTV footage showing that he was forced to do the robbery at gunpoint by a masked intruder, but she refuses to go along with it. When Ronnie catches Ryan trying to fiddle with the CCTV camera himself, he tells him that it’s pointless and he should just accept the punishment that’s coming to him.

At the magistrates court, a broken Ryan pleads guilty and awaits his sentence. Is he heading for jail?

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