Spoilers: Suki kills Ranveer as he is left to die in EastEnders?

Suki (Balvinder Sopal) finds herself in an impossible situation in upcoming episodes of EastEnders, as she tries to pitch for business to Ranveer (Anil Goutam).

With her family in disarray following the revelation that Suki was the one who had Jags sent to prison, she finds herself pitching against her son Kheerat (Jaz Singh Deol). When Ranveer’s son Ravi (Aaron Thiara) arrives he exploits this situation, setting mother and son against each other.

Following this, Ranveer starts to blackmail Suki, setting her even further apart from her children.

She unsuccessfully tries to negotiate a lower lease on the Minute Mart. When Sharon (Letitia Dean) sees how upset she is after this she invites her for a drink, but a desperate Suki tries to manipulate Sharon into lending her the money she needs.

Running out of options, Suki goes back to Ranveer, and this time she has a plan in mind. Ranveer is furious when he discovers that Suki has tricked him – and the two fight. Suki desperately leaves Kheerat a voicemail, pleading for his help.

Ranveer manages to overpower Suki, and realising that she’s now in a fight for her life, she hits him over the head.

Suki can’t believe what she’s done as she stares in horror at Ranveer’s lifeless body. Then his son Ravi arrives. How will he react to what Suki has done to his father? Is it all over for Suki?

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