Steph McGovern looks completely different as Packed Lunch team go without make-up for special show

STEPH McGovern revealed her make-up free face live on Packed Lunch today as the team ditched the slap for a special show.

The host challenged herself, television personality Vogue Williams, former politician Jacqui Smith, chef Ruby Bhogal and the lunchmates in the studio to remove their make-up for the whole show – and they all rose to the occasion.

Those watching at home were wowed by Steph’s natural look and took Twitter to comment on it.

One person said: “Steph without makeup, I'm in love #stephspackedlunch.”

Another added: “You all look MUCH younger without makeup! I think it’s very ageing. I never wear it #stephspackedlunch.”

The empowering move was inspired by the forthcoming Miss GB contestant, Elle Seline, who is set to compete in the competition without wearing make-up. 

Steph’s Packed Lunch conducted a social media poll about how people feel about not wearing make-up. The poll revealed that 61% of women felt more confident whilst wearing make-up and over half actually feel self-conscious without it.

Speaking about her daily use of make-up, Steph said: “I’m not surprised by these results as I am someone who likes to wear make-up, I feel more confident with it.”

The consensus was agreed with widely throughout studio.

Later, Steph said: “I’m just throwing this out there…shall we try and do the rest of the show without our make-up on? What if we take it off in the break and do the rest of the show without to show everyone what we look like. I mean, I look like a baby mole without make-up on”.

With agreement in the studio, after the break the Packed Lunch family returned make-up free.

On revealing her look without make-up, Vogue Williams said: “I kind of feel really nervous. Oh my god everyone is going to see my bags – my eye bags! I think you look amazing Steph.”

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