Strictly Come Dancing’s Mike Bushell nearly went to the police over terrifying death threat

Strictly Come Dancing star Mike Bushell has revealed details about a terrifying death threat he received after remaining in the dance competition on Sunday night. Chatting to the Daily Mirror, Mike revealed that a viewer has tweeted him to tell him to quit the show. He said: "It said that unless I withdraw from the competition now I'm a dead man. It was personal and I thought WTF. There are bigger things in the world to worry about. I get that people have their own favourite dancers but it's an entertainment show at the end of the day and to get a death threat is ridiculous."

Mike opened up about receiving threats

He continued: "My wife saw it first and when I went to see who had sent it, they had already removed the tweet. A death threat? What?! On Strictly? You rise above it but its people being cowardly isn't it? The show is meant to be happy, make people feel happy."

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He admitted that they considered going to the police, but didn't as the tweet was deleted. He said: "We haven't reported it to police because the tweet had already gone. The BBC have been great, really supportive… I'm fine. As you get older you get thick skinned. I'll just come out fighting harder this week. I totally have time for people that say the judges made the wrong decision. Everyone has their own opinion don't they? If two of the judges wanted Catherine to stay I can't have a problem with that. They were so slick but what I haven't liked is the abuse. Every week is a bonus. I was favourite to go out in week one and I'm still here which is a bit crazy."

Stacey Dooley recently came to Mike's defence following the episode, tweeting: "No one loves Johannes more than me. But those telling Mike to quit, have totally missed the spirit of Strictly. What kind of message do you send, quitting, because you aren't the best? Ridiculous."

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