Sunday Brunch in chaos as Tim Lovejoy struggles to read quiz questions – and guest calls it a 'shambles'

SUNDAY Brunch was thrown into chaos as Tim Lovejoy struggled to read quiz questions during a segment – with even the guests calling it a "shambles".

The Channel 4 show invited guests Katherine Parkinson, Rick Edwards, Nish Kumar and James Arthur on for the Easter Sunday episode.

In the middle of Sunday Brunch host Simon Rimmer's cooking segment, Tim was supposed to host a Mastermind-style quiz with the guests.

As Tim was about to ask Katherine her first question, Rick interrupted to ask a question about sun-blushed tomatoes.

Tim said: "We're trying to do Mastermind here, Rick."

Katherine said: "Keep going so I don't have to do my questions. Keep talking about tomatoes."

Tim then began to ask a question about Katherine's character, Lady Teazle, from the 2010 production of School for Scandal – but he fumbled over the words.

Katherine started laughing as Simon said: "This David Attenborough voiceover isn't going too well for you here."

Tim replied: "The only person losing here is me, isn't it?"

He then attempted to read the question out again – and failed spectacularly, much to everyone's enjoyment.

Tim said: "For god sake, let me get the question out."

Nish said: "Is your specialist subject reading?"

Rick quipped: "This is, not a criticism, a shambles."

Viewers were not impressed with the scenes, with one person saying: "Honestly this could be the end #SundayBrunch It’s a shambles!"

Another added: "there really needs to be a meeting after this weeks edition and try and think up how to make this a bit more professional rather than the utter shambles we are being presented with week in week out."

A third remarked: "Rick-'This is, not a criticism, a shambles…' Spot on Rick like every, single week…."

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