Superhero Bits: Get Paid to Marathon All Marvel Studios Movies, Spider-Man Comic Strip Ends & More

What did it take to restore the classic Shazam TV series for DC Universe? Why is The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip coming to an end and what will happen to it? Could Arrow become Red Death on The Flash after the series ends? Is the Disney merger with Fox hurting the release of Dark Phoenix? Why did Aquaman director James Wan leave Twitter? Want to get paid to blog throughout a marathon of every Marvel Studios movie? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

An episode of DC Daily looks at how they restored the classic 1970s Shazam series to stream on DC Universe.

Even though Lex Luthor is now causing trouble on Supergirl, don’t expect Superman to get involved this season.

The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip has ended, but that doesn’t mean Marvel is done with newspaper comics.

The opening weekend for Shazam! is already tracking a little bit higher with a possible $50 million box office haul.

The latest promo for the next episode of the third season of Supergirl brings the Red Daughter into the equation

A popular and intriguing theory wonders if Arrow star Stephen Amell could become Red Death on The Flash.

Empire Magazine has released their two special covers for the Avengers: Endgame issues available this week.

Azie Tesfai, who just debuted as James Olsen‘s sister Kelly, will be a Supergirl series regular next season.

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