Surprise Love Island dumping tomorrow night – and there will be a brutal twist

There will be a shock Love Island dumping on tomorrow night's show – and fans are predicting a brutal twist.

At the end of Sunday night's episode, narrator Iain Stirling revealed that viewers will be able to have their say on who leaves the villa.

The public will be voting for their favourite couple and those with the fewest votes will be at risk of being booted out.

It doesn't matter if the pair are romantically involved or not, which may give viewers trouble deciding who to vote for.

Everyone is at risk of being dumped except for the two that are officially single – Amber Gill and Jordan Hames.

Explaining all, Iain said: "It's now now time to have your say. You can vote for favourite couple whether they are romantically involved or not.

"Those with fewest votes at risk of being dumped from the island. Remember you're voting for fyour favourite couple."

"Amber and Jordan are officially single and excluded from this vote."

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The vote closes at 10.30pm tonight and viewers get one vote from the app.

Iain said we will find out who is going on tomorrow night's show – prompting speculation as to how the night will play out.

Could singletons Amber and Jordan have a major say in who will go home?

Love Island viewers too to Twitter with their predictions for tomorrow night.

One fan said: "Trying to work out what plot twist #LoveIsland will throw us tomorrow. Will be AMAZING if Amber and Jordan get to choose who out of the bottom few they boot out."

"I think out the bottom couples they should make Amber dump a girl and Jordan dump a guy," added another.

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