'Survivor' Champ Natalie Anderson Says She's 'Down' to Compete on MTV's 'The Challenge'

Survivor: San Juan del Sur winner Natalie Anderson recently returned to Survivor for the first all-winners season in hopes of bringing home another victory and a historic $2 million cash prize. The Season 29 champ is also a CrossFit coach and clearly loves to compete. Therefore, she expressed interest in MTV’s reality competition series, The Challenge.

Natalie Anderson on ‘Survivor’

In 2014, former Amazing Race contestant then 28-year-old New Jersey-based CrossFit trainer, Natalie Anderson, made her debut on the 29th season, San Juan del Sur. Her twin sister, Nadiya, ended up being the first boot, devastating Natalie.

Nonetheless, she worked her way into the majority, made a few subtle moves, and strategically gave up her reward challenges. However, after the blindside of her closest ally, Jeremy Collins, the CrossFit trainer began playing a more aggressive game and ultimately got revenge.

Due to her under-the-radar strong social and physical game, the jury awarded her the victory in a 5-2-1 vote. Five years later, Natalie returned for a shot at another Sole Survivor title and a $2 million cash prize competing against all former champs in Survivor 40: Winners at War.

Oddly enough, Natalie’s tribe voted her off first, sending her to the Edge of Extinction. After five episodes, the 33-year-old has solved three riddles and completed a grueling log challenge to earn four fire tokens or currency that buys the castaways advantages, luxury items, and food.

So far, she has more fire tokens than anyone on the Edge and is tied with Parvati Shallow for most in the game.

The premise of ‘The Challenge’

Similar to Survivor, MTV’s The Challenge is a reality competition series where contestants compete in challenges for safety. Usually, the loser automatically goes into the elimination round and must face a competitor the majority votes down.

The winner stays while the loser is eliminated from the competition. Unlike Survivor, the contestants are adequately fed, sleep in a mansion, and regularly provided alcohol.

The show initially featured former Real World and Road Rules stars but have now included contestants from other MTV shows, including Are You the One? and Ex on the Beach.

More recent seasons include UK celebrities such as Stephen Bear and former houseguest from CBS’ Big Brother have also joined the mix, much to the annoyance of long-standing fans.

Additionally, Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X star Jay Starrett will compete on the upcoming 35th season, Total Madness.

Natalie Anderson says she’s “down” to compete on ‘The Challenge’

The San Juan del Sur champ uploaded a video of herself climbing a pegboard in a CrossFit workout. A follower replied to the clip and told Natalie she’s “incredible” and suggested the Survivor winner should compete on MTV’s The Challenge.

Natalie retweeted the fan and responded, “Tell them I’m down!” Lol.” Even though the MTV competition series has expanded their casting, only former Big Brother and Amazing Race contestants have appeared on The Challenge so far.

While Jay Starrett did debut on Survivor, he also appeared on MTV’s Ex on the Beach, which is likely why he received the call for The Challenge. However, CBS and Viacom recently merged into one company, so it’s possible viewers could start seeing more Challengers on Big Brother, Survivor, and Amazing Race, and vice versa.

The Challenge 35: Total Madness premieres Wednesday, April 1, 2020, at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.

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