Take our music quiz to find out if you are an Eighties cool kid or a sick millennial

THE Eighties, with its permed hair and padded shoulders, has made a comeback.

Wonder Woman 1984, Top Gun Maverick and a new Ghostbusters will hit cinemas this year.

And to celebrate Now That’s What I Call Music has released two albums today – one from 1985 and one from 2020.

So do you know your New Wave from your Grime? Take our quiz to find out if you are an Eighties “cool kid” or a “sick” millennial.

  1. Who had a “Good Heart” in 1985?
    A) Feargal Sharkey
    B) Boy George
    C) Prince
  2. Gucci Mane features on the track Like That by which artists?
    A) Doja Cat
    B) Doja Duck
    C) Doja Rabbit
  3. Which soul diva celebrated her 80th birthday this year?
    A) Chaka Khan
    B) Tina Turner
    C) Diana Ross
  4. What flower does Katy Perry want to be covered in?
    A) Tulipstina
    B) Roses
    C) Daisies
  5. While recording One Vision, which food did Freddie Mercury add to the last line of the song?
    A) Fried Chicken
    B) Fried Beef
    C) Fried Fish
  6. PS1 has a lot of?
    A) Kind Relatives
    B) Concerned Uncles
    C) Fake Friends
  7. Sonny and Cher first sung I Got You Babe – which duo had a number one hit with it in 1985?
    A) Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin
    B) George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley
    C) UB40 and Chrissie Hynde
  8. In his new track, what fruit does Harry Styles get a high from?
    A) Apples
    B) Watermelon
    C) Kiwis
  9. What track was the first number one hit for the Eurythmics?
    A) There Must Be An Angel
    B) Sweet Dreams
    C) Who’s That Girl?
  10. Nathan Dawe and ­Jaykae have updated ­classic garage track ­Flowers but what weather conditions were the flowers delivered in?
    A) Pure sunshine
    B) Pouring rain
    C) Extreme gales
  11. What had Kate Bush originally planned to call track Running Up That Hill?
    A) A Deal With God
    B) A Deal With A Man
    C) A Deal With Your Bank Manager
  12. Who became a pop-star and was knighted, all in the past year?
    A) Captain Tom Moore
    B) John Cleese
    C) David Dimbleby
  13. Sir Cliff Richard wowed us in ’88 with the single She’s So Beautiful. What is his real name?
    A) Rodger Harold Brown
    B) Harry Rodger Webb
    C) Harry Dick Smith
  14. Which singer, who is a firm favourite with the Royals, released a single called Power?
    A) Ellie Goulding
    B) Lily Allen
    C) Alexandra Burke
  15. The video for Madness’s Uncle Sam features a fizzy drink can exploding – what beverage was it?
    A) Fanta
    B) Lemonade
    C) Coke
  16. What is the name of the chart-topping duo of which Rev Richard Coles was a member?
    A) Bronski Beat
    B) The Communards
    D) Run DMC
  17. In her single, Dua Lipa sings “Am I falling in love, with the one that could…”?
    A) “Take Me To A 5H Resort”
    B) “Break My Heart”
    C) “Make Me A Cooked Breakfast”
  18. The Lost Weekend by Lloyd Cole was a dreadful weekend – where was it?
    A) Amsterdam
    B) Paris
    C) Athens
  19. Which artist lent his vocals to Jawsh 685’s ­Savage Love?
    A) Justin Bieber
    B) Jason Derulo
    C) Justin Timberlake
  20. Paul Weller makes a return to the NOW compilation with new single ­Village, but what was his very first solo single?
    A) Into Tomorrow
    B) Hung Up
    C) Wild Wood


1A, 2A, 3B, 4C, 5A, 6C, 7C, 8B, 9A, 10B, 11A, 12A, 13B, 14A, 15C, 16B, 17B, 18A, 19B, 20A

1-8 correct
Might be time to brush the cobwebs off the gramophone. Where have you been for the past 35 years?

9-15 correct
You’re an Eighties cool kid but it’s time to ditch Radio 2 . . . 

15-20 correct
Your musical knowledge transcends time. You’re sick (and cool too).

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