Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra reveal Carly 'cried during emotional visit & said it's hard to say goodbye'

TEEN Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra revealed their daughter Carly "cried during their emotional visit."

The MTV stars added it's "hard to say goodbye" to Carly, who they gave up for adoption as teens.

During part one of the Teen Mom OG reunion on Tuesday, Catelynn, 29, and Tyler, 29, spoke to host Dr. Drew about their reunion with Carly.

While the reunion was not shown on the reality show, MTV fans got a lot at how the couple reacted before and after they spent the day with Carly and her adoptive parents Brandon and Theresa.

Reflecting on the visit, Catelynn said: “I’m just blessed that she gets to have a relationship with her sisters. That’s super important to me."

The couple also share daughters Nova, 6, Vaeda, 2 and newborn Rya.

Tyler said “all of” the visit stood out to him, adding: "The main thing for me was just seeing Carly take Vaeda and Nova and just really play with them at the park and helping Vaeda get up the ladder to get up to the slide that she wouldn’t be able to reach without Carly being there.

"Just little things like that.”

Tyler also revealed why he was brought to tears following the reunion, sharing: “I just heard her saying something to her dad about it being hard to say goodbye, so I was like, ‘Ooh.’”

Catelynn added she didn’t think Carly wanted them to hear that, stating: “You could kind of see this time tears in her eyes.”

Tyler then admitted he was “afraid” for Carly to see him emotional.

He said: “I’m afraid she’s gonna see me be super upset and then that’s gonna make her feel, ‘Oh, that’s a crying moment.'"

As the interview continued, Tyler also said he gets “nervous” to be emotional in front of Brandon and Theresa.

The father of four said: “I’m nervous that Carly’s gonna go back to Brandon and Theresa and say, ‘Well, he was crying so hard.’

"I had to walk away cause I can’t control it.”


Teen Mom fans watched Tyler and Catelynn reunite with Carly for the first time in two years during the November 10 episode of the show.

In the clip, the couple reminisced over their day at the park with Carly before heading out for dinner with their first born and her adopted parents.

Tyler gushed over his eldest daughter calling her the "best babysitter" after watching her play with her younger siblings.

They then commented on how grown-up their daughter appeared, saying that she looked like a "little adult."

Catelynn had tears in her eyes as the two talked about her interaction with the 12-year-old where they discussed a letter that the mom-of-four sent to her.

"It is always hard to say 'goodbye,'" the young mom admitted as the clip scanned to a video montage of previous reunions the trio had in earlier seasons of the show.

Things got more emotional following the family's dinner as Tyler broke down in tears after saying "goodbye" to Carly.


The scene showed a visibly upset Tyler embracing their adoption counselor, Dawn, as she consoled him.

"She adores you guys so much, you know that?," Dawn assured Tyler. "And you're going to be the only thing she thinks about and talks about for the next weeks."

"She's going to keep thinking back on these special times you guys had together. It's so meaningful to her," she continued.

Tyler stepped back interjecting, "it just never get's easier," to which Dawn responded, "you wouldn't be human if it did."

The MTV star then wiped his eyes as the family retreated back home.

The reunion was kept off camera, as Brandon and Teresa chosen to keep Carly out of the spotlight.

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