Teen Mom fans heartbroken by resurfaced show clip of Chelsea Houska sobbing over bad news baby daddy Adam Lind

TEEN Mom fans were heartbroken after watching a resurfaced clip from the show of Chelsea Houska in tears over her baby daddy Adam Lind.

The reality star has come a long way since her tumultuous relationship with her ex, who is dad to her 12-year-old daughter, Aubree.

Fans rallied behind the star in the comments after a user shared the throwback clip to TikTok.

The video showed a then-20-year-old Chelsea hysterically crying to her father Randy after seeing Adam with his new girlfriend while dropping offtheir daughter.

"I hate my life," Chelsea confides to her father before breaking down in tears.

"I f***ing hate this Dad, I don't think I can do it. I hate him so much," Chelsea cried.

Randy sympathizes with his daughter as she begins to read the text conversation between her and Adam.

The young mom got upset with her child's father after he offered to keep the toddler throughout the weekend.

"He's never said that, like who are you?," Chelsea questioned while Randy agreed.

Chelsea returned to reading her text response where she demanded he bring their daughter back now.

Adam clapped back writing: Okay you don't have a choice soon, but okay we're coming back now."

This prompted a bigger reaction from Chelsea who began sobbing to her father saying: "Why did you have to say that?"

Randy sided with his daughter commenting: "There's no understanding it," before she brought the focus back to her phone.

The TV star then recited the rest of the exes conversation, where Adam wrote: "Aubree loves being around Taylor, so you're just going to have to live with it Chelsea, sorry. That's the way life goes sometimes."

Chelsea again turned to her father asking for answers: "Why would he say that? Aubree loves being around her?"

Randy responded with his take on Adam's words saying: "To hurt you."

Chelsea continued to vent saying: "She doesn't even know her. Then, why would you say that to me?"

Randy chimed in again with his voice of reasoning replying: "Aubree loves being around anybody," in which Chelsea shouted: "I know!"

The MTV star was visibly distraught wiping her tear-streaked cheeks and makeup under her eyes.

She played with her bleach blond hair with purple strands parted in the front as she confessed her feelings to her father.

"It just feels like I won't be happy for a long time. He looks like he's happy now," she said.

"Like I seriously tried so long to make it work so we can be a family and now he's gonna like put it in my face."


The devoted dad stepped in to console the Teen Mom 2 star with some tough love.

"Okay, first of all, you realize now that's not going to be a family, ever. But that's alright," Randy interjects.

Chelsea then reflects on the moment when her ex volunteered to sign full-custody over to her, admitting that she regrets not going through with it.

"I wish that I would've just done it.

"That's me being selfish though. She [Aubree] needs a dad in her life," she continued.

"But he's such a piece of s**t. She'd probably be better if she wasn't there at all instead of coming in and out."

The heartbreaking video concludes with Chelsea declaring that she doesn't"know what it feels like to be honestly happy."

Randy encouraged his daughter that she will "be happy" and that she will meet her prince charming one day.

However, Chelsea lashed back insisting that her happiness did not revolve around a romance.

"I'm not talking about a guy at all. In general I just don't know what he feels like to just be happy.

"I just don't feel 20, like I feel old."


Fans supported the MTV star in the comments section, praising her for how far she's come in the last decade.

One user wrote: "my my my how the tables have turned lol it's hard to let go and move forward wen you can't see wats ahead of u. God never fails she's all smiles now"

A second person commented: "As women we have all been here. My heart broke for her when that scene first played out."

A third agreed, writing: "I know that feeling and it sucks so bad at that moment"


The TV personality's luck has since turned around as she wed Cole Deboer, 33, in 2016, who became a model father figure for her preteen daughter.

The couple also had three children of their own together: son Watson, four, and daughters, Layne, three, and Walker, nine months.

The pair celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary with a surprise picnic organized by the 30-year-old, and a trip to the tattoo parlor.

To fans surprise, Chelsea, 30, also went on to maintain a close relationship with Adam's former girlfriend, Taylor who was referenced in the clip.

Adam and Taylor are parents to daughter, Paislee, eight, although the father-of-two signed his parental rights over to Taylor.

The girls recently got together for a playdate where Aubree posed with her half-sister for a photoshoot at Selfie WRLD in South Dakota.

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