Teen Mom Farrah Abraham responds to her 'haters' as her new memoir is slammed after bizarre TikTok with daughter Sophia

TEEN Mom alum Farrah Abraham responded to her “haters” as her new memoir was slammed.

The 30-year-old called out her critics after her bizarre TikTok video with her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah took to her Instagram Story on Saturday to address those that have ripped her new memoir, Dream Twenties.

While sharing a screenshot of the book’s listing on Amazon, the MTV alum wrote: “Haters leave me more negative comments.

“I’m shocked to see your trying to better yourself.”

Farrah also included a swipe-up link in the post, which directed her followers to the book’s link on Amazon.

The memoir is described as “a self-guided self-help memoir by New York Times best-selling author Farrah Abraham.”

The former Teen Mom star memoir has received negative feedback since its release, with many fans taking to Reddit to slam the TV personality for several typos in the book.


Farrah called out her “haters” just days after she shared a bizarre video on TikTok with her 12-year-old daughter Sophia.

In the clip, the ex reality star gave the camera a series of wild and scary looks while switching back and forth between her and her only child.

The tween simply smiled back, thought they applied a slow-motion filter that created an eerie vibe.

At one point, Farrah gasped as she grabbed her chest in horror and Sophia sipped her drink in response.


Fans were shocked by the video, as many rushed to the comments section with requests to "save Sophia."

"What the hell is even going on here?" one asked, while a second put shortly: "I'm scared."

"Farrah is jealous of Sophia and it shows. All Sophia wants is attention and is afraid of being taken out of the spotlight by her child. I really wish someone would rescue her," another urged.

"I don't get it," a fourth wrote, while another said: "Sophia needs friends her age."

"I really wish she had some sort of normal social interactions. Farrah is doing a terrible job of 'raising' her," a fifth slammed.

One user speculated: "She for real seems like she's having some kind of breakdown," while a final asked: "Save Sophia."


Fans have expressed their concern regarding Farrah's parenting skills over the years and their fears were confirmed when she admitted to dealing with CPS.

In Dream Twenties: Self Guided Self Help Memoir, the mother of one said the agency "threatened to take" Sophia away over her "unsafe" actions as a parent.

She revealed: “I got kicked out of my house after calling the police for domestic violence, yet the police pulled out a gun and said he was going to shoot my mom while pointing at her head, yet my mom had two kitchen knives in her hands, and I was bloody when I had to talk them both into calming down.

“The cycle of trauma and violence would not continue or someone was literally [going] to die over a call to stop violence."

Farrah, who was only 18 at the time, admitted she was "threatened by CPS to take my child because of elders' actions that were unsafe.”

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