Teen Mom's Briana DeJesus threatens to quit MTV show as she slams network and says 'find another mom to boss around'

TEEN Mom star Briana DeJesus has threatened to quit the MTV show in a series of scathing tweets.

The mother-of-two slammed the hit show yesterday, claiming the network chooses its scenes based on drama.

In the now-deleted tweets, Briana wrote: "Lol f**k MTV. They love to choose and pick what matters and what doesn’t matter. I don’t get paid enough to be treated like s**t compared to these other self-centered b**ches! I’m OK with not filming."

The reality star, 26, went on to reveal she was the “easiest person” to film with.

She added: "I give MTV my all and I’m very transparent with a lot of things. I hate when they dangle s**t in my face or give me ultimatums.

"Y‘all can suck my d**k and find another mom to boss around. I got my house and that’s all I needed! Bye now!"

Briana was later spotted liking a string of supportive tweets from fans.

One said: "You realize she has a full time job and a side hustle besides mtv right?"

While another urged her to rethink her actions, saying: "Take a day off. Then come back to deal. Don’t make decisions on emotion."

It certainly isn't the first time Briana has hit out at the MTV show.

Last week, Briana called her co-stars "b****es" for "picking what they want to share" after she opened up about her chlamydia scare on the show.

She took to Twitter to agree with a fan who claimed that she "keeps s**t real."

The mom of two retweeted the post and added: "These old b****es are now picking and choosing what they wanna show.

"I'm gonna share it all and hopefully keep this show going. That's why they added me on in the first place right."

Meanwhile, her baby daddy Devoin Austin previously slammed MTV for airing the STD story but not his "well-doings."

He said: "Lol MTV rather share with America that Briana got burned by captain underpants.. but won’t share none of my well doings."

The former couple welcomed daughter Nova in 2011 and appeared together on Teen Mom 2.

Briana is also a mom to youngest daughter Stella, who she shares with ex Luis Hernandez.

Teen Mom fans found out in a trailer for the new season that Briana contracted an STD from Luis after the pair had unprotected sex.

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