Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans 'scared for her life' as she wins restraining order against ex David Eason

TEEN Mom's Jenelle Evans has obtained a temporary restraining order against her estranged husband David Eason.

The MTV star claimed that she filed for the order, which was granted on Monday, because she was "scared" for her life and her children's well-being.

In documents obtained by E! News, the reality star detailed several incidents of David's alleged abuse and explained that her ex's threats had "escalated".

In the October 31st filing, she wrote: "Because of his recent threats, his history of violence, his erratic behaviour and his large stockpile of weapons, I am scared for my life and my children's well-being."

She also chronicled 11 alleged incidents involving David over the past two years for the temporary order, which was issued on behalf of Jenelle and her three kids; Jace Evans, 10, Kaiser Griffith, five, and Ensley Eason, two.
On Sunday, Jenelle insisted that she was fighting for full custody of her daughter following her split from David.

According to TMZ, Jenelle is currently looking after their daughter Ensley and plans to keep it like that following David’s history.

They report that she plans to fight it in court if it gets to that but that she's happy for him to still have contact with Ensley because she sees him as a "good dad".

The star, who rose to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, filed for divorce from David last month – after he killed their dog.

She posted an emotional message on Instagram, telling fans: "I've lived my life on camera since I was 17 years old. And alot of it hasn't been pretty. But its been my life.

"Like anyone else I want what's best for my kids and I want to be happy.

Adding: "With time away from Teen Mom I've started to look at my life differently and I know I need to make changes. I'm starting that now. The kids and I have moved away from David.

"Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that's what is best for me, and for my kids. Today I've filed papers to start that process."

She signed off: "I appreciate the support from everybody who has asked how I am. Me and the kids are doing great. We need some time to be together. But you'll hear from us again soon."

The resulting fallout saw Janelle fired from Teen Mom 2 and her temporarily lose custody of her children.

However, batting off criticism, David insisted: "The dog was aggressive.

"Yes, she might not be huge or whatever, but you know when a dog bites a child on the face more than one time, then it should never be around the child again."

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