Terrified Amy flees after horrible new experience with Aaron in Corrie

Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) has been struggling to cope following her horrifying rape ordeal at the hands of Aaron Sandford (James Craven) in Coronation Street.

After revealing what had happened to her parents, Tracy and Steve (Kate Ford and Simon Gregson), Amy was encouraged to g to the police and report the crime.

However, they soon received the heartbreaking news that there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him, and Aaron was left to walk free.

Devastated, Amy retracted her claims that he had raped her in an attempt to take the attention away from her, leaving her to once again suffer in silence.

Since withdrawing her allegation, Amy has struggled to leave the house, terrified that she may bump into him.

In recent episodes her worst fear came to light, as she finally agreed to go out and pick up a take away.

After planning a movie night together, Tracy suggested they get dinner from Speed Daal.

Amy agreed, and offered to pick up the meal herself, after Tracy’s comments that she was spending too much time in the house.

However, when she got to the restaurant, she came face to face with her rapist, and found herself unable to stay anywhere near him.

She fled the scene, taking home a chippy tea insetad.

She seemed to have covered her panic, until Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) arrived at the door a few moments later with Amy’s abandoned order in hand.

Confused, Tracy began to question her daughter who insisted that everything was fine, before shouting at her to leave it be.

It is clear that Amy is not coping well, with previous scenes having shown the young woman suffer with traumatic nightmares of the night of her rape.

Will Amy allow her family and friends to support her, or will she continue to pretend that nothing happened?

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