The Apprentice's Sian Gabbidon slams Lewis as 'crazy' for shouting at Lord Sugar in boardroom scenes and calls Jemelin 'one to watch'

THE Apprentice is finally back on our screens and it was an amazing episode.

Weird to watch though – but as soon as it began I was like, it's here everyone!

I love South Africa, there's some really big personalities and a few people are already starting to clash – what an opener.

Lord Sugar tasked the contestants with creating their own tour packages for tourists in South Africa, with The Boys going for a safari and The Girls opting for a luxury wine tour.

While both sides faced trouble, The Boys lost out and Shahin Hassan (or the falcon!) was the first to be fired.

Let's break down what happened in this episode.

Lost in a vineyard

Oh my god, when they got lost in the vineyard, that was hilarious. Literally the worst thing is, watching them, I fully understand how that happened.

But I think the in those situations is to just always be professional. That's what I did when I was in it. The customers shouldn't see if you have no idea what you're doing.

When Lubna did the speech about the wine cellar in the wrong place, I thought, oh my god, that's really cringey to watch. Scarlet needed to reign it in and say to the girls, "please, be professional and style it out as much as possible".

When the girls were deciding what to do at the start of the task, Lottie was really doing my head in. But she ended up being really good at explaining the wine.

People were not very impressedCredit: BBC
Lottie ended up rubbing people up the wrong wayCredit: BBC

Watching that, I think she's either going to be really good, or she's going to be trouble. I think she's very passionate and she's really young – only 19. And I like her drive and character.

She really needs to be careful, because when I was on it, I very much made sure I was involved but I had everyone on my side.

The worst thing you can do is go in and be all guns blazing and lose the respect of the team. I think she’s got some good qualities, I just hope she can prove that and get everyone on side.

Rhinos are not elephants

The big one is, we’ve got to talk about the rhino-elephant thing. Because that was the funniest part. I mean, honestly, I can’t believe it actually happened. That was so genuine. He genuinely thought that rhino on the safari was an elephant.

In my opinion, if I was doing that task, I thought what The Boys were doing was better. I think the whole safari tour is what you want to do when you go to South Africa. I rate going for the wine and the high end, but I thought that was a big risk to take in the first task.

There are some big personalities in both teams, but Tom, when I first saw him on the line up I was a bit put off. But when I started to watch I actually quite liked him.

I didn’t like how he approached some of the selling. I thought he was quite aggressive. If you take the lady in the shop, she clearly wasn’t wanting to budge. 

I don't think it was the best move for Shahin to interrupt him – but I see a little bit why he did.

Ryan – I love him already. Those guys selling the big five – which was ridiculous – and then him managing not to get any refunds. I thought he carried everyone through that task. He was hilarious and did really well.

I like Souleyman, I like his character, especially when he was cracking jokes. But the springbok poo! Oh my god, that was gross, that was too far!

Boardroom bash

The Boys ended up losing and the boardroom got a bit heated.

Lewis was project manager – and I quite liked him, he just seemed like a normal guy – but I thought Riyonn was project manager at first.

I think you should get slack for putting your name forward to do it. I don’t think he was that bad. I agreed with Lord Sugar about the shouting. He should never do that again.

It was his first time in the boardroom and properly speaking to Lord Sugar for the first time, so his emotions were all over the place.

But that’s not professional and in the real world you wouldn’t be able to conduct yourself like that. It’s not just about performance on the task, I think it’s how you approach a lot of situations. So he could be the best salesperson in the world, best project manager, if he can’t conduct himself right, people won’t want to work with him.

He was very much like “I’m going to sell them all”, but if you make the big claim when you first get given the task – you’re crazy for doing that.

Because if you don’t sell every ticket, that’s an excuse for the project manager to be like, right, you’re coming into the boardroom. You shouldn’t make too many claims. 

Favourite to win it right now?

I really liked Scarlett and Jemelin and thought they were both really strong, but I think right now Jemelin is the one to watch.

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