'The Bachelorette': Why Hannah B. Didn't Want To 'Look Glam' All The Time While Filming

Before Hannah Brown was the Bachelorette or on The Bachelor, she was Miss Alabama.

Being Miss Alabama was a special time in Hannah B.’s life. According to her, her physical health had never been better and she “really came into [her] own” during that time. “It was the best time in my life,” she told Women’s Health.

But it was also a stressful time for Hannah B. The morning after she was crowned Miss Alabama, she woke up with “three huge bumps on [her] forehead and little bitty bumps all over.” At 23 years old, and the day after winning Miss Alabama, Hannah B. began to suffer from acne.

Hannah Brown’s struggle with acne

“I just felt so insecure taking a ton of pictures and being around all these beautiful girls with clear skin, thinking my skin used to look like that,” she said.

She tried everything until there was just about only one treatment left: Accutane.

“I actually started it right before I auditioned for The Bachelor. I think back on myself during that time and going through the audition process. I told casting, ‘You might not want me on your show because I have acne, I’m on Accutane, and my skin might get worse before it gets better,’” she said.

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The casting folks at The Bachelor obviously didn’t mind because she started filming shortly after. Bachelor fans might remember Hannah B.’s struggle with her skin during Colton Underwood’s season. She says she made a point to only wear makeup when she was on a date with Colton or at a cocktail party. Other than that, she let her skin breathe.

Though she tried her best to not let her acne affect her self confidence while filming The Bachelor, Hannah B. says some days were easier than others.

“As much as I hoped it wouldn’t, my bad skin really affected my journey on The Bachelor. It was always in the back of my mind. I couldn’t focus on my conversations with Colton. I was only thinking, do I need to powder my face? Do I have too much makeup on? Will he notice that I’m broken out? I joke that I talked more about my acne struggles on the show than I did about my relationship struggles with Colton,” she said.   

Why Hannah Brown made a point to not be glammed up all the time ‘in front of the guys’

Today, Hannah B.’s skin is doing a lot better. And her confidence is better, too. But her struggle with acne definitely affected her outlook on physical beauty.

When she became the Bachelorette, she knew she didn’t want to have full-glam hair and makeup all the time around her contestants. She wanted them to see how she actually looks.  

“Even though my acne was under control while we filmed my season, it was important for me to not always look glam in front of the guys. I didn’t want to hide any part of myself from the man that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so I wanted them to see what they were getting,” she said.

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