The Best Episodes of 'The Office' You Can Binge Right Now

If you find that you’re often repeating phrases like, “That’s what she said,” “Parkour,” and “I feel God in this Chili’s tonight,” we’re here to let you know that you’ve finally made it to The Office super-fan club. Welcome. It’s nice here. 

Maybe you’ve binge-watched the faux-reality series multiple times (to the point where you’re pretending to give side-eye at an invisible camera crew), or maybe you’re still new to the show (really?). Whatever the case may be, we’ve curated a list of the best, funniest and most iconic The Office episodes of all time — along with the Jim and Pam episodes that make our hearts soar. If you’ve only got a little bit of time but still want to have the maximum amount of fun, these are the episodes you should watch.

While it nearly broke our hearts when The Office left Netflix, we’re thankful that the series now has a home on Peacock. When you subscribe to Peacock ($4.99 per month), you not only get access to every episode, but you also get extra behind-the-scenes footage and extended superfan episodes. Knowing that there is footage from the show that you haven’t seen yet (who would have thought?) makes a The Office rewatch just that much sweeter.

Here are the absolute best episodes from The Office to watch now.

“Pilot”, Season 1, Episode 1

There’s no better way to start any binge-watch than with the 2005 pilot episode, which introduces Michael Scott as the oddball boss at Dunder Mifflin, a Scranton, Pennsylvania paper distributor in danger of downsizing. It’s also the episode that introduced the then-unknown John Krazinski as Jim Halpert and Jenna Fischer as Pam Beesly. If this is your second or third time around watching the series, it makes for a great nostalgia kick that reminds you just how far the series has come.

“The Dundies”, Season 2, Episode 1

Any true fan of The Office knows just how iconic The Dundies are. The cringe-worthy award ceremony is one you cannot skip, thanks to Michael’s flat-falling jokes, funny song parodies and vaguely insulting trophies. This is also the episode where a drunk and engaged Pam kisses Jim for the first time — and winds up getting herself banned from Chili’s.

“The Merger”, Season 3, Episode 8

“They call it Scranton, What? The Electric City! Scranton, What? The Electric City!” Yes, we may have Michael’s orientation song completely memorized, and for good reason too: It’s catchy. In this season three episode, Michael and Dwight share the famed “Lazy Scranton” rap with their new, unamused Stamford transfer employees. At least we, the viewers, know how to appreciate art.

“Safety Training”, Season 3, Episode 20

Leave it to Michael Scott to find a reckless way to host a safety training. After a warehouse safety presentation, Darryl declares that Michael’s office job is completely safe. An offended Michael then comes up with a plan to show everyone how dangerous an office job can be by jumping off the roof of the building onto a hidden trampoline. This is the episode that gives us the timeless phrase, “Dwight, you ignorant slut.”

“The Job Part Two”, Season 3, Episode 25

The Season 3 finale is the episode all you Jim and Pam ships were waiting for: As Jim competes with Michael and Karen for a corporate job in New York, Pam laments in a confessional that the timing between her and Jim never lined up, that Jim will probably land the position and that it’s OK if Jim moves away again. And that’s when he pops his head in the door and asks her out on a dinner date. No, you’re crying.

“Fun Run Part One and Two”, Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2

After Michael puts Meredith in the hospital by accidentally hitting her with his car, the whole office learns that she was given rabies shots because of several bat bites (no thanks to Dwight). Michael sees this as a sign that he saved her life, and creates the “Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure” for her. What better way to honor someone than with a chaotic 5-mile race and a giant check that takes up almost all of the funds you raised?

“The Dinner Party”, Season 4, Episode 13

In this classic cringe episode, Michael finally succeeds in inviting Jim and Pam to his condo for an increasingly tense dinner party. The evening, a thinly veiled attempt to secure investors in Jan’s candle business, proves to be as disastrous as Michael and Jan’s relationship: Jan plays a love song by her former assistant Hunter and then throws a Dundie Award through Michael’s prized possession, a (tiny) $200 plasma TV.

“Weight Loss Part Two”, Season 5, Episode 2

Here’s another iconic Jim and Pam episode. Michael and Holly are slowly realizing that they are a match made in heaven, but there is no way they can top the magical moment where Jim pops the question to Pam at a gas station in the pouring rain. Hopeless romantics, unite!

“Stress Relief: Part One and Two”, Season 5, Episodes 14 and 15

This episode, which first aired after Super Bowl XLIII, opens with Dwight staging a fire in the office to see how prepared Dunder Mifflin is for an emergency. The stunt goes wrong, leading to significant damage and causing Stanley to suffer a heart attack from the stress.

After learning in Part One that he’s the source of much of Stanley and the rest of the office’s stress, Michael decides to throw a comedy roast for himself in Part Two. When he gets his feelings hurt by the jokes, Michael responds by roasting his employees back, honoring us with the timeless line, “Boom, roasted.” Suddenly dissing your friends is never the same.

“Gossip”, Season 6, Episode 1

If you hear someone screaming “Parkour!”, you can bet that they’re channeling the energy of this Season 6 episode. In it, Michael, Dwight and Andy take on a new hobby of “parkouring” throughout the office and the parking lot. And by parkouring, we mean awkward flops on couches, stomping across Pam’s desk and horsey rides, all attempted while shouting the word “parkour.”

The climax: Andy’s attempted “truck to refrigerators to dumpster, 360 spin onto the pallets, backflip gainer into the trash can” stunt in the Vance Refrigeration parking lot, which fails at the “truck to refrigerators” phase. “Parkour!”

“Niagara Part Two”, Season 6, Episode 5

There is no way we could write this list without including Jim and Pam’s wedding. From Michael, Dwight and Andy’s crazy romantic pursuits, to The Halperts’ secret elopement on a ferry on the Niagara Falls, we have all the feels watching this episode.

“Threat Level Midnight”, Season 7, Episode 17

We are blessed with another iconic song and film thanks to this episode. Threat Level Midnight is the action movie script that Michael has been writing for 11 years, and in this episode it finally comes to life. In it, Michael plays retired secret agent Michael Scarn, called back into action by the president (Darryl) to stop the evil Goldenface (Jim) from blowing up the NHL All-Star game.

We’ll leave you with this: “Jump to the right and shake a hand, jump to the left and you shake that hand. Meet new friends, tie some yarn, that’s how ya’ do The Scarn.”

“Goodbye, Michael Part Two”, Season 7, Episode 23

After much debating, Michael finally decides to leave Dunder Mifflin to be with Holly in Colorado. He lies to everyone telling them that his last day will be the following day, and carries out a day of saying goodbyes. This farewell episode is a must-watch ode to Steve Carell’s pivotal character.

“The Finale”, Season 9, Episode 26

And that brings us to the end, again. This episode can be hard to watch — though nowhere near as hard to watch as the Season 6 cringefest “Scott’s Tots,” of course — simply because it’s the finale and it gives us all the feels. But you simply won’t have any closure if you skip over this episode, which features Angela and Dwight’s wedding, Pam and Jim leaving Dunder Mifflin and the return of Michael Scott as Dwight’s best man.

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