The Best Movies & TV Shows Coming to HBO Max in October 2020

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling: spooky season is soon upon us. October brings the fall, and with it, a new batch of TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max.

Here are the best TV shows and movies coming to HBO Max in October 2020.

Galaxy Quest

The best Star Trek movie that isn’t actually Star TrekGalaxy Quest is both a spoof of pop culture fandom and a loving homage to it. A rollicking adventure in which the cast of a 1970s-era sci-fi TV show — with standout performances by an eye-rolling late Alan Rickman and a hilariously panicked Sam Rockwell (this should’ve won him the Oscar) — get kidnapped by aliens who believe they piloted an actual spaceship, Galaxy Quest is fun, nerdy, and never nasty.

The Matrix

All three Matrix films left Netflix in June, but fans looking to catch up on the trilogy before The Matrix 4 comes out didn’t have to wait too long for the films to return to a streaming service. There’s no understating how much influential this movie is — from its Hong Kong action-cinema influences, to the cyberpunk anime phenomenon, to the stupid “red pill” memes. The Matrix lives up to that legacy (red pill aside) and more.


“What’s in the box?!” David Fincher‘s 1995 American neo-noir film has a famously dark ending and a grim signature style that would cement the director as one of today’s great working auteurs. What is in the box? Watch the movie and find out.


Jordan Peele’s bone-chilling follow-up film to his breakout debut Get Out is audacious and a little unwieldy, but there’s no denying the cultural impact that Us had whenit came out in 2019. Lupita Nyong’o is a force to behold as Adelaide, a mother of a perfect family who gets attacked by a family of doppelgangers, including Adelaide’s wide-eyed and gasping Tether. Watch this and get angry at Nyong’o’s Oscar snub all over again.

When Harry Met Sally

It’s sweater weather, which means it’s time to pop in the king of cozy fall movies, When Harry Met Sally. Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron’s rom-com never really answers its core question — can men and women really be friends? — but it sure does have a fun time figuring it out. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan have a sparkling chemistry, and New York City has never looked so beautiful in thisall-time romantic-comedy classic .

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