The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers: Cast spills on finale in emotional video to fans

The cast of the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory have been teasing fans with how the series could end and now they have sat down and told fans what they are going to miss most.

In a video posted on Twitter, The Big Bang Theory cast give a varied list of what they will miss and it is making fans even sadder.

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny Hofstadter, revealed: “I’m going to miss everything, I miss this crew. I love seeing these people every day. We know so much about each other at this point.”

Agreeing with Kaley’s point, Raj Koothrappali star Kunal Nayyar said: “[I’m going to miss] the banter, the very hanging out with people you love, the family aspect of it.”

I love the audience, and seeing their immediate reaction to us

Kaley Cuoco

Amy Farrah Fowler star Mayim Bialik and on-screen partner Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) agree with Howard Wolowitz’s Simon Helberg that it is having somewhere to go and be a part of for 12 years that they will miss most.

Simon summed up: “Having somewhere exciting to go, and getting to be surprised every week by the stories.”

Some of the stars also agreed the live audience is what makes the show for them and they will miss them just as much as the fans will miss their favourite characters.

The love is mutual for Kaley: “The audience tapings, I love the audience, and seeing their immediate reaction to us.”

Simon added: “Just standing up and performing in front of an audience. You do take it for granted a little bit because every week we get to do a show. That’s pretty incredible for 12 years.”

Fans were emotional at seeing the cast open up about their exits.

One fan replied: “I dread tomorrow night just as much as I’m excited to see how it all ends. Gonna miss this show so much. An institution.”

Another added: “Thank you for accompanying me for the last 12 years. The Big Bang Theory really encouraged me with what I want to do and part of my life is watching BBT. I guess I’ve got to move on and I’m gonna miss you all so much…”

A third summed up the emotions before the finale: “I’m not crying you are.”

The cast have already revealed what the finale represents and how it will affect people.

Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki) teased the show’s finale will even more emotional than another famous ending.

Meanwhile, fans believe Amy might be pregnant after a huge clue teased her and Sheldon are to receive a very special phone call.

After the hour-long special consisting of two episodes, there is a documentary by Kaley and Johnny about the show and then spinoff Young Sheldon, which will feature younger versions of the cast.

That may be the last time they see their favourite characters, especially with creator Chuck Lorre reluctant to do more spinoffs.

Kaley has said she will only do a Penny spinoff if Chuck asks her to, so that looks unlikely for the time being.

Fans have just less than 24 hours to prepare to say goodbye to the show and prepare to move on with their lives.

Big Bang Theory season finale airs Thursday on CBS and in the UK on E4.

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