The Big Bang Theory season 12 spoilers: Penny star Kaley Cuoco teases ‘something special’

Filming has not even finished on the season, but The Big Bang Theory fans are desperate to find out what will happen in the end.

Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny Hofstadter in the CBS show, has been teasing fans for weeks about how the final scenes have been affected.

Now, she has teased the ending will not disappoint the show’s loyal fans.

On her Instagram, she posted a black and white photo of her and on-screen husband Leonard Hofstadter (played by Johnny Galecki) looking over the set from the audience’s gallery.

Shooting something special with this guy

Kaley Cuoco

She captioned the photo: “Shooting something special with this guy @sanctionedjohnnygalecki @bigbangtheory_cbs”

This delighted fans as they await news of what happens to the pair.

One fan replied: “I don’t even know what it is and I’m crying.”

Another added: I’ve loved Leonard and Penny since day one. I knew they were meant to be. It’s going to be tough to say goodbye to each of those characters. I hope we’ll get a satisfying end.”

One fan took the announcement to potentially result in a spinoff that would delight fans: “OMG.. WOW I hope it’s a spin off. Whatever, I know it will be spectacular.”

The news could suggest a spinoff as the photo shows just the couple and could be hinting that there will be a spinoff involving just the couple.

The couple could end up splitting up the group and leaving the show early in emotional scenes for fans.

In the previous episode, fans feared that Leonard was going to split the group up by moving to a different university to work.

He declared: “There are plenty of other universities across the world.”

The “special” scenes could be taken from the final episode filming given the lack of audience.

Penny star Kaley has previously revealed the final episode will be filmed without the show’s typical audience because the scenes will be too much for fans.

She told E!News: Penny Hofstadter star Kaley Cuoco explained to E!News: “We’re actually going to pre-shoot the whole thing, so we’ll have shot it, and then we will have an audience taping. That was probably because they knew I’d be crying the entire time.

“So we still want the audience experience. We’re gonna still do the audience, but we will have taped it and shot it beforehand, so if the tears come unexpectedly, then that’s just what’s going to happen, because I guarantee you it’s going to happen.”

Meanwhile, it has been revealed certain scenes were cut from the show.

Raj Koothrappali’s (Kunal Nayyar) ex-girlfriend Anu (Rati Gupta) told fans via her Instagram page which scenes were cut.

The hour-long series finale will be released May 16.

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays on CBS and in the UK on E4.

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