The Cast of Grey’s Anatomy Reveals How the Show Changed Their Lives

From surprising exits to welcome additions, the Grey’s Anatomy family has evolved immensely since the series made its prime-time debut in 2005.

Now in its 15th season, Shonda Rhimes’ beloved ABC show made history this year, becoming the longest-running medical drama in American TV history — surpassing ER with 332 episodes!

But there’s even more to come, as the show was just renewed through season 17 and will live on for at least two more years.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, some fan favorites reminisce about the show’s impact on both their professional and personal lives.

Ellen Pompeo

“So much has happened here,” says Pompeo, 49, who has portrayed Dr. Meredith Grey since season 1. “I’ve had three children. I’ve gotten married. It’s a huge chunk of my life. I’ve learned so much. It’s just been an amazing evolution.”

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Caterina Scorsone

“One of the most significant parts for me is not that we managed to break records, but that, culturally, this show has become such an integral part of people’s lives,” says the 37-year-old actress, who plays Dr. Amelia Shepherd.

Jesse Williams

“I wasn’t an actor before this; I was a teacher,” says Williams, 37, who portrays Dr. Jackson Avery. “Grey’s has been my headquarters, and I’ve made a name for myself. Being here for 10 years, it’s something I’m really grateful for.”

James Pickens Jr. 

As an original cast member, Pickens, 66, says it’s “hard to put into words” what Grey’s has meant to him all the years. “It’s been a blast to be able to be a part of something so iconic,” says Pickens, who stars as Dr. Richard Webber.

Chandra Wilson

Oh, Bailey! Wilson, 49, who has portrayed Dr. Bailey since season 1, says she is “proud” of what the show has done. “I love being a part of this history,” she says. “I truly enjoy Bailey’s journey.”

Justin Chambers

“I’ve learned to be present because there’s waves of enjoyment and waves of exhaustion,” says Chambers, 48, who plays Dr. Alex Karev. “It’s rewarding to have been able to grow as an actor.”

The Grey’s Anatomy season 15 finale airs Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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