'The Challenge': Jordan Wiseley Said He Never Wants to Fix His Feud With Cara Maria Sorbello

Fans of MTV’s The Challenge are gearing up for Season 35 of the show. And we can’t forget how disastrous Season 34, War of the Worlds 2, was for so many veterans of the game who expected to win big money. While Cara Maria Sorbello and her boyfriend, Paulie Calafiore, played for the U.S. team and made it to the finale, they were bested by the British team. And we can’t forget that Jordan Wiseley and his partner, Tori Deal, switched from the U.S. to the British side midway through the game.

Sorbello and Wiseley made it known on the show that they don’t get along. And it looks like the tension between them may never cease, as Wiseley stated he has no intention of ever solving things between him and Sorbello. Here’s what went on and what he said.

Jordan Wiseley and Cara Maria Sorbello’s feud started on Dirty XXX

Sorbello has competed for money on The Challenge since 2010. And Stop Being Polite reminds us that when Wiseley first started the reality series back in 2013 via Rivals II, Sorbello actually appreciated his rookie spirit. But their mutual respect didn’t last forever. Though they worked together on some of their votes in past seasons, all camaraderie between them was out the window by Dirty XXX, which aired in 2017.

Sorbello and Wiseley competed in a war of words, and Wiseley told Sorbello he’d rather run a final with Deal, who was a rookie at the time, than with her, a veteran with a proven winning record. After that, Sorbello dumped Wiseley’s luggage in the pool.

The duo’s feud went even further on Vendettas in 2018. Wiseley criticized Sorbello for her on-screen behavior. And by the time the two competed on the same side on War of the Worlds 2, Wiseley was ready to jump ship when he realized Sorbello and her Calafiore had their own plan in mind.

More of Sorbello’s emotions came out against Wiseley when he proposed to Tori Deal

Sorbello couldn’t hide her hatred toward Wiseley when he proposed to Deal on-screen during War of the Worlds 2. After Wiseley won an elimination, he got down on one knee and offered Deal a ring. All of the other Challenge contestants showed how excited they were for the happy couple. But Sorbello didn’t have anything kind to say.

“She’s going to be paying for that ring when he sabotages our team,” Sorbello remarked to Calafiore after the proposal,” Inquisitr reports. Calafiore, on the other hand, wasn’t having any of Sorbello’s negative commentary.

“The fact that you can’t let love in and win for a second? I think it speaks a lot to her heart and soul,” Wiseley said of Sorbello’s behavior via MTV News after the fact. “I mean, come on now. I got your man over here — he literally voted me in an hour-and-a-half before, and he’s congratulating me. And I thanked him for it.”

Wiseley said he never expects to end the feud

Wiseley and Sorbello are both incredibly strong competitors. If they could put their differences aside, there’s no doubt they’d have a strong alliance. But it looks like Wiseley isn’t planning on doing that anytime soon.

“For me, this is a game. I try not to make things personal. I don’t really dish out personal things — it’s usually about the game and performance and abilities and things like that,” Wiseley told HollywoodLife. “I trash talk and get in people’s heads, but I think Cara gets very personal and that just really rubs me the wrong way.”

Wiseley then added, “I imagine, from here on out, Cara and I just staying on opposite sides of the ring.”

It looks like he may be willing to team up with Calafiore, though. “I love playing with Paulie. He comes in and plays hard. I think he gets a little personal on social media, but he comes in and plays hard and I enjoy playing the game with him. I enjoy competing with Paulie.”

Perhaps Calafiore can help mend the broken fence between Wiseley and Sorbello. But we’re not holding our breath for any miracles.

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