The Chase fans in uproar over Shaun Wallace’s questions as team lose £60K ‘Much easier’

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Tonight’s team on The Chase was made up of Ken, 66, Zoe, 39, Amber 22, and Keith, 84, and they were faced with chaser Shaun Wallace. Ken and Keith both made it back safely with a combined jackpot of £8,000, while Zoe was unfortunately knocked out by the Dark Destroyer. However, it was Amber who surprised both host Bradley Walsh and the chaser when she accepted a high offer of £52,000 and won her head-to-head.

Things looked to be going well for the trio as they headed into the Final Chase with the potential to walk away with £20,000 each.

They raced through their questions and managed to answer 18 correctly meaning they’d potentially need a few pushbacks.

The trio were no doubt hoping chaser Shaun would struggle a little so there was more of a chance to take home the £60,000.

However, it seemed Shaun was on fine form when it came to the Final Chase.

The Dark Destroyer raced through his questions, which started with: “Zee is the American for which letter?”

The answer was of course “Z” and many viewers believed it was “too easy” for a Final Chase where so much money was at stake.

Another question saw Shaun asked “Sheraton is a chain of what?” with the answer of course being “hotels”.

There was only one chance for the players to pushback Shaun but it wasn’t enough as he glided through the final round.

With just under 30 seconds on the clock, Shaun caught up with the team and Bradley announced they’d be heading home empty-handed.

Fans of The Chase watching at home were furious with the turn of events and took to Twitter to complain it was “too easy” for Shaun in the Final Chase.

One viewer tweeted: “Was that really just a question #TheChase.”

“Wtf Shaun is breezing where did this come from #TheChase,” another added.

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A third posted: “The Chaser’s questions were much easier, unlucky team. #TheChase.”

Someone else shared: “Im sorry… Sheraton is a what???? Zee is American for which letter??? Come on #itv make it slightly subtle if you’re going to give it to the chaser #TheChase.”

“60 grand going down the pan… #TheChase,” a fifth tweeted.

Another continued: “Chaser Q1 – Which letter is pronounced “Zee” in America? £60k at stake? #TheChase.”

While viewers at home complained, the team graciously accepted their defeat.

“He was good in the end,” Ken remarked.

Bradley added that Shaun had shown up to catch the team when he needed to.

The Chase airs weeknights on ITV at 5pm.

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