The Chase: Paul Sinha exposes ‘winning formula’ to defeat contestants on ITV quiz show

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Paul, 50, was on hand to take on another bunch of The Chase contestants, knocking them out one after the other. The Sinnerman star managed to whittle down Bradley Walsh’s, 60, team from four to one very quickly as it appeared he was showcasing his best performance. Little did the host know there seemed to be a secure tact behind the Chaser getting numerous questions correct throughout the episode of the ITV quiz show. After defeating his third opponent, the general knowledge guru let slip the winning formula which was proving to be working in his favour.

As yet another of his team was knocked out, Bradley exclaimed: “What a disaster!” before Paul revealed all behind his game plan.

“It’s been one of these games,” he began, adding: “Even when I haven’t got a clue, I’ve been guessing the right answer.

“And that’s why there is virtually no one left behind you,” he told the third contestant he’d managed to topple.

Admitting he didn’t even know the answer to the question which won him the round, the Sinnerman explained the process behind getting it correct.


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The question the player and the Chaser were asked was: “What sort of biscuits do Americans call ‘graham crackers?’”

Possible answers included Digestive, Nice and Rich Tea, with the correct choice being the first of the three.

With his opponent choosing Rich Tea, Paul said: “I didn’t know that but I just thought Digestives was the one of the three less likely to have an American equivalent.”

After three of her teammates failed to defeat the Chaser, it was up to contestant Barbara to face Paul and try to make it back for the final round.

I haven’t got a clue

Paul Sinha

Following her introduction with Bradley, the contestant went on to secure £4,000 in the cash builder round.

The Sinnerman then offered her a higher and lower amount, but the amateur quizzer decided to stick with her original total.

In doing so, she managed to fend off the general knowledge guru in their head-to-head round and was the only contestant to take part in the Final Chase.

As Barbara was the only person to make it back for the conclusion to the show, she was given a one-step advantage when answering another set of questions.

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Giving it her all, the contestant managed to accumulate 16 points between her money and the Sinnerman, which was the total Paul guessed his opponent was going to achieve.

Unfortunately, his knowledge seemed too powerful to overthrow as the Chaser answered all his questions with 44 seconds to spare.

Bradley was astonished by the speed and told the only remaining player she would have needed 25 points to have won the jackpot.

Paul was in agreement as he remarked the “damage was done” with the other three contestants failing to make it through to the Final Chase.


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The Sinnerman stated they were a team would have achieved a total of 23 or 24 points if they had defeated him in the previous rounds.

However, the quiz master went on to praise his opponent, telling her she played “well” and she was a “credit” to herself.

Once again, Bradley voiced his commiserations the player was going home empty-handed before rounding off proceedings.

Commenting on Tuesday’s game, one viewer posted on Twitter: “Well this is a b***** catastrophe of seismic proportions.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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