The Chase’s Anne Hegerty says the Queen is ‘everyone’s mum’ in touching tribute

The Chase's Anne Hegerty has shared a lovely tribute in awe of The Queen a few weeks before her Platinum Jubilee.

The Governess, 63, has been a fan-favourite chaser on the ITV show since 2010 and expressed the important role Her Majesty, 96, has played in her life.

Anne, who earlier in the year was amazed to find out Queen Elizabeth is her long descendent cousin, expressed how Her Highness is "everyone's mum".

She told the Daily Star: "She's kind of been part of my life, she's 16 months younger than my mum so she's everyone's mum isn't she? I've been in a room with Prince Phillip, but I'm not important enough to meet him."

It comes two months after Anne found out she had royal ties to the Monarch following her investigation into her family history on ITV's DNA Journey.

The quiz genius found out she is the 19th cousin of Queen Elizabeth, with King Robert the Bruce being her 20-times great grandfather.

Although the revelation shocked Anne somewhat, she did reveal that her grandmother had previously told her this but she didn't believe her.

Speaking to the show's historian, the Chaser said: "Wow, that is cool. But my grandmother was the most tremendous liar.

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"My aunt said she was a romancer and she'd embroider life a bit, so I always felt that anything from my grandmother had to be taken with a pinch of salt."

Anne was found to be related to the family bearing the surname Hayes on her mum's side.

One of the family members married the King's daughter Princess Elizabeth in 1370.

Anne continued: "My mother was always deeply disapproving of the idea of anyone knowing about their ancestors. She'd say, 'It doesn't prove a thing, dear'."

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