'The Eternals' Leaked Images Suggest We Have Already Seen Them In the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel is launching a whole new franchise when The Eternals premieres in November. The film will introduce a host of new characters to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but some fans are convinced that they may have already been mentioned in MCU. The group of superheroes has been around for centuries, and a new fan theory suggests that there are clues about them in previous Marvel movies — we just didn’t notice them until now.

Leaked images suggest ‘The Eternals’ have been in the MCU before

The characters who are set to debut in The Eternals havenever been seen in the MCU, but once we learn more about their past, it ispossible that there are connections to them in previous films.

According to We Got This Covered, a leaked image fromthe set of The Eternals suggests that Richard Madden’s character,Ikaris, may have been in contact with an Infinity Stone.

The photo in question shows Ikaris showcasing his powers with a glowing fist. The ability looks very similar to how Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) goes into binary mode, suggesting that there is a link between Ikaris as the Space Stone.

As fans will recall, Captain Marvel gained her powers aftercoming into contact with the Tesseract, also referred to as the Space Stone. IfIkaris shares the same powers as Captain Marvel, it seems logical that he alsohandled the Space Stone at some point.

This is, of course, presuming that Ikaris and Captain Marvelshare similar powers, which is admittedly a leap at this point.

Are ‘The Eternals’ linked to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’?

There is another possible explanation behind Ikaris’ power. Thefan theory suggests that Ikaris may have not handled the Space Stone at all.Instead, the Celestials may have been the ones who experimented with the SpaceStone and gave Ikaris his powers.

As fans may recall in Guardians of the Galaxy, TheCollector revealed that Eson the Searcher once wielded the Power Stone. Eson isactually a Celestial who used the stone to wipe out entire planets.

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The stone was later acquired by a group of people who werekilled by its power. It is possible that this group was the Celestials, andtheir experiments with the Infinity Stones created all the members of theEternals.

If that turns out to be true, then there is a clear link between Guardians of the Galaxy and The Eternals. The only catch is we will probably have to wait until the movie hits theaters in November to find out.

A closer look at Madden’s Ikaris

Fans were very pleased by the leaked photos of Richard Madden’s costume as Ikaris. Although the suit has some big differences from the comics, it was clearly inspired by the original look.

The biggest change between the comics and the movie is the lackof red in Ikaris’ costume, something fans noted right away. But overall, thecostume is pretty impressive and we cannot wait to see how it looks in thefilm.

In the comics, the Eternals are a group of superheroes who werecreated by the Celestials. Marvel has been very tight-lipped about the plot of TheEternals, but we do know that it is set over the course of thousands ofyears.

We also know that some of the movie will take place after theevents in Avengers: Endgame, making it the first film in Phase 4 of theMCU to take fans beyond the studio’s latest ensemble.

Apart from Madden, The Eternals features an all-star cast including Angelina Jolie (Thena), Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo), Brian Tyree Henry (Phastos), Salma Hayek (Ajak), and Kit Harington (Black Knight).

Kumail Nanjiani dishes on ‘The Eternals’

While production on The Eternals is starting to wrap up,Nanjiani recently opened up about the upcoming film.

Without giving away too much, Nanjiani revealed that TheEternals is basically an epic science-fiction movie the likes the MCU has neverseen.

“It’s really, really an epic,” Nanjiani shared. “And it’sreally such a science-fiction story. It’s a superhero story, but in some ways,it’s the most sci-fi of all the Marvel movies and it’s the most epic of all theMarvel movies. And the story spans thousands of years. So, it’s really not likeany of the other Marvel movies.”

We do not know what Marvel has in store for The Eternals, but it definitely sounds like it will have a major impact on the future of the MCU.

The Eternals is set to open in theaters on November 6.

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