‘The Good Doctor’: Fans Have Mixed Reactions About Melendez and Lim’s Big Decision

Fans of “TheGood Doctor” aren’t sure how to feel about this episode. One of the show’s mosttalked-about couples, Dr. Neil Melendez and Dr. Audrey Lim, made a bigdecision. (If you didn’t watch this episode, read no further because we’reabout to reveal a spoiler.)

During season three, episode eight, Dr. Lim decided it wastime for the couple to call it quits. Here’s how some fans reacted to the news.

Lim tells Melendez love isn’t enough

Being in love just isn’t enough for Lim. Before deciding to endthe relationship, Lim and Melendez get into an argument in front of the nurse’sstation about a high-risk surgery. This public blow-up causes Glassman to callthe lovebirds into his office. He threatens to fire them if they can’t gettheir act together. Before things can get any worse, Lim decides to part ways. “Idon’t think I can give you the unconditional support you deserve from a partnerand the objectivity you need from a chief,” Lim told Melendez. “I love you, butit’s not enough,” said Lim before walking out the door.

Fans react to the Limlendez breakup

One fan said Lim and Melendez should have ended their relationship much sooner. Now that Lim is the chief of surgery, things have changed. Her relationships, both professional and personal, aren’t the same. Unfortunately, her private life seemed to take the biggest hit. “They should have broken up when she got promoted. It’s affecting their work,” commented one fan on Facebook.

Some fans are happy Lim and Melendez are no longer together

There are some fans who wanted Lim and Melendez to break upsince they started dating. Not everyone was on board with Limlendez. AnotherFacebook fan said the breakup was long overdue. “I’m glad they’re over! Beenlooking forward to this day since the day they started dating.”

Others are still rooting for Lim and Melendez

One fan on Twitter says she enjoys the chemistry between these characters. She believes Lim and Melendez are doing a good job of balancing their work and professional lives (after that fight at the nurse’s station, we’re not so sure about that). “These two have great on-screen chemistry. I love watching them be very professional on their job yet very warm, hot lovers every chance they get at work and at home. Please don’t sabotage their relationship,” said the fan.

Nicholas Gonzalez, who plays Melendez, couldn’t help but respondto this fan’s comment. “Hot Lovers!!?!” Why, Sue! I do declare…” he posted.  

So, some fans are sad while others are saying a collective “goodriddance.” Is there hope for Lim and Melendez to reunite or is this the end ofthe road for these two?

Shaun and Carly’s relationship

Last week, the show teased Shaun and Carly might take their relationship to the next level and become intimate. However, things didn’t go as planned. Carly tried her best to make sure Shaun was comfortable, but her effort didn’t yield the fruit she was hoping for. It turned out to be quite frustrating for her. Better luck next time?

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