The Grand Tour's Richard Hammond takes brutal swipe at 'out of shape' Jeremy Clarkson in trailer for The Great Escapists

THE Grand Tour star Richard Hammond has taken a catty swipe at co-star Jeremy Clarkson in the trailer for his new series.

Richard, who is long-time pals with his Amazon Prime colleague, is now set to front The Great Escapists without the help of his mate and their fellow presenter, James May.

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As such, he took full advantage of being centre stage to slag off Jeremy, 60, and his figure, in the opening seconds of his new trailer.

Richard, 51, can be seen picking up a discarded football on a desert island as he exclaims: "Old, leathery and out of shape."

Delivering the killer blow, he added: "I shall call you Clarkson," as he throws the ball up with one hand.

Later scenes reveal he is "stranded on a desert island" with a "science geek" – aka Mythbusters star Tory Belleci – with the pair creating a variety of different vehicles to get them around.

Richard shouts: "This is the heavy armour division," as he drives a self-created tank over the sand before he later takes to the skies in a bizarre car-helicopter.

A synopsis for the series, set for release this month on the streaming service, quizzes of the pair: "Can they invent themselves off the island?

"Or will they be castaway forever?

"This is the engineering challenge of their lives, will they succeed and become THE GREAT ESCAPISTS?"

Previously, Richard lifted the lid on the banter between The Grand Tour hosts – and confessed it was only for the cameras.

While there may be a little aggro between the trio of Amazon Prime stars, who have worked together on the show since 2015 and on Top Gear for 13 years previous, he insisted there's no bad blood.

He told when asked if the rows were real: "No, ‘cause the bickering is part of the show.

"We’re asked so often, ‘what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling?’

"They roll, and if something funny happens or there’s an argument or an accident, it goes in."

He added to the website: "It’s why there’s very few blooper reels for the show, because that is the show.

“The only behind the scenes stuff is the business of making the show, and no one wants to watch that so much.

"No, God no, we wouldn’t argue off camera because we’d roll the cameras and argue on camera.

"That’s what people want to see."

The Great Escapists will launch Friday 29th January on Amazon Prime Video.

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