The Larkins historical blunder savagely mocked by Channel 4 panel ‘Not on the money’

Complaints Welcome: Tom Allen reveals blunder in The Larkins

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Hosting Channel 4’s Complaints Welcome was comedian Tom Allen along with Jessica Knappett and Munya Chawawa, with the trio analysing viewers’ complaints about TV shows. During the show, Tom showed a clip from The Larkins on ITV in which Pop Larkin, played by The Chase’s Bradley Walsh, made a historical gaffe while talking about money.

In the segment of the show, which is a reboot of The Darling Buds of May, Pop (played by Walsh) indicated that the Queen’s face was appearing on money, despite The Larkins being set in 1958 – before the monarch’s image came to be on banknotes.

The character remarked: “Yeah, but Charlie look, if her majesty is prepared to put her special face on them notes, who are we not to use them?”

Tom showed the brief moment and asked the fellow comedians to take a guess at what was inaccurate about the clip.

“Munya, what do you think?” he asked.

“I can tell you for a fact no English family is that calm seeing a random black guy at their front door,” the 28-year-old joked.

Jessica asked: “Was that Bradley Walsh? He was a baby in the 1960s, so…”

Tom replied: “So that’s impossible, I guess that is a slight inaccuracy.

“But the inaccuracy is, I’m afraid, despite Brad’s line, her majesty the Queen didn’t appear on our banknotes until 1960.

“So Brad saying that she was on the notes was wrong – she was not on the money.”

The Larkins has provided a nostalgic throwback to viewers who enjoyed the original Darling Buds of May as well as drawing in new fans.

However, the showrunner recently shut down claims that the ITV series is “too similar” to its predecessor.

Ben Farrell explained: “We know when this version hits screens it will evoke memories of the 1990’s TV version, it was so well-loved by everyone and David Jason is a national treasure.”

Speaking to ITV, he continued: “The way I look at it is we’re not short of Dickens adaptions, would people say Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol has been adapted too many times?

“I think there are always new takes on those stories depending on the age we’re living in.

“We’re not re-making a television series, we’re adapting a set of novels.”

Both programmes are based on HE Bates’ novel The Darling Buds of May, which was published in 1958.

The new programme received a mixed response from viewers, with some enjoying the revamp and others claiming the original was better.

The original series ran between 1991 and 1993, with Only Fools and Horses’ David Jason taking on the part on Pop.

The Larkins continues Sunday at 8pm on ITV.

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