'The Mandalorian': One of Fans' Biggest Complaints Is Already Getting Fixed In Season 2

The Mandalorian was one of the biggest hits on streaming services when it was released last year, and unsurprisingly, its Season 2 is generating a lot of hype as well.

The trailer for season two dropped recently, and fans are already getting excited for the show for many reasons. For example, some interesting new characters were shown in the trailer, and on top of that, a lot of new landscapes and cultures were shown as well.

Those facts actually fix one of the more common complaints about the first season of the show. Here’s a look at how that happened and what could be in store for season two of The Mandalorian

A small issue about ‘The Mandalorian’ 

Like fans on Reddit talked about, while the first season of the show was undoubtedly awesome, it had its flaws. One of those flaws had to do with the setting of the show. The show didn’t really visit that many new planets, and what planets it did visit looked awfully familiar. For example, Tatooine, which is a staple in Star Wars, showed up in the show. 

Not only that, but one of the show’s more important planets, Nevarro, kind of looked like Tatooine. Nevarro was the home of the bounty hunter guild that Mando worked in. But at the same time, both planets looked like desert planets, and as a result, neither planets were that interesting of a backdrop. 

As one fan wrote: “”My biggest takeaway is all the different locations, aliens, and ships. As much as I loved season 1 it definitely stayed in Mando’s comfort zone in terms of where we went in the galaxy.”

The show did visit other planets of course, but most of the show happened on those two planets. As a result, like fans on Reddit said, the show used those two planets too much, and it made the galaxy feel smaller than it truly was.

Why ‘The Mandalorian’ did this

But the show focused on a few planets for good reason, according to fans. The first season of the show, like the first season of any show, need to get audiences acquainted with the characters. Mando’s life revolved around a handful of planets, so it made sense for the show to focus on those planets since those were the planets that mattered to him. 

Like one Star Wars fan said, the first season “definitely stayed in Mando’s comfort zone in terms of where we went in the galaxy.” But of course, like any good galactic hero, at the end of season one, Mando had a new mission, and that was to bring Baby Yoda back to his people. This new mission also meant that he needed to travel around the galaxy and see all the weird stuff that Star Wars has to offer.

How season two fixes this problem

The trailer for season two showed off many things, including all the weird cultures and aliens that are in the Star Wars galaxy. Like one Star Wars fan said, the trailer instantly fixed this issue for many fans, since it showed Mando “stepping into the bigger galaxy of Star Wars.” 

Mando is no longer in his comfort zone, and in fact, like his conversation in the trailer implied, his goal is now to find the Jedi, who used to be enemies of his people. This makes a lot of sense, since Baby Yoda clearly can use the force, and it’s extremely likely that his species are also full of force users. 

At the same time though, this also allows Mando to meet and interact with a lot of fan favorite characters from The Clone Wars and from Rebels. 

That said, the trailer may not be spoiling much of the season, so the actual show may have more in store than what was shown. In any case, fans are just excited to see Mando exploring the galaxy with Baby Yoda again. 

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