The most memorable shipper moments of 2018

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From first kisses to final farewells, here are the shipper moments we won’t forget from the past year in TV.

Mulder and Scully sleep together… twice, The X-Files

Maybe seeing Mulder and Scully in bed together shouldn’t be such a big deal after 25 years and a child (or two), but The X-Files is stingy with the good stuff — so stingy, in fact, that last year, “that split second in the X-Files promo where Mulder and Scully are in bed together” made our list of unforgettable shipper moments. This year, that “split second” unfolded in all its glory. In a motel with a convenient shortage of rooms, Scully sought comfort in Mulder’s bed for the first time since the 2008 movie, and they talked about growing old together (even their pillow talk is bittersweet). But the second time was just plain sweet: The hour ended with Scully knocking on Mulder’s door to find him waiting for her on the other side. —Kelly Connolly

Klaus and Caroline kiss, The Originals

When Klaus first arrived on The Vampire Diaries, he was the biggest of bads, but it was Caroline who allowed him to show us a softer side. The two of them fought their undeniable connection for years, only giving in once in the woods of Mystic Falls. Unfortunately, life didn’t allow for Klaus to be Caroline’s last love, but before he died in the Originals series finale, they got one final goodbye, which Caroline sealed with a kiss just after telling Klaus, “I’ll never forget you.” —Samantha Highfill

Jake and Amy get married, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Move aside, Harry and Meghan: 2018’s most memorable wedding has to be the nuptials of Jake and Amy, a ceremony that involved a bomb threat, a meet-cute featuring Gina Rodriguez, and a Nakatomi Plaza cake that got devoured by Cheddar the corgi. Despite the chaos, the wedding ended with a heartfelt, poignant exchanging of vows. Considering everything that happened, it could have been much worse. (Title of their sex tape?) They’re lucky it wasn’t — and we’re lucky it wasn’t the end. —Shirley Li

Sara and Ava’s summer camp kiss, Legends of Tomorrow

Ava never had a childhood because she’s a clone, so she felt very uncomfortable when she and Sara had to infiltrate a summer camp on a mission. However, Sara made sure her girlfriend didn’t leave camp without making some memories, and the two shared a sweet kiss by the lake right as their de-aging potion wore off. This is one summer Ava wouldn’t forget. —Chancellor Agard

Halstead proposes, Chicago Med

Halstead and Manning have had a rocky road to the altar, but in the season 3 finale, Will, whose planned proposal got sidelined, ran through the parking lot to find Natalie, which is where he got down one knee. Let’s just pretend that their wedding — spoiler alert! — wasn’t a bloody mess that was over before it began. —Robyn Ross

Sutton and Richard reunite, The Bold Type

Sutton spent much of The Bold Type’s second season trying to convince herself that she made the right choice by putting her career first and ending things with Richard, but it was evident they both still loved each other. And when Richard’s father died, he got all the perspective he needed, so he boarded a plane to Paris and won Sutton back. When in the city of love… —SH

Oliver sings “All of Me” to Connor, How To Get Away With Murder

Coliver have not had an easy go of things over the course of five seasons, facing everything from breakups to Oliver’s HIV diagnosis to lots and lots of murder. But Conrad Ricamora and Jack Falahee have brought a grounding and heady romanticism to this relationship that remains a consistent highlight amid the sometimes bonkers twists and turns. Ricamora’s Broadway roots don’t often get a showcase here, but during Connor and Oliver’s long-awaited wedding day, his voice finally got the moment it deserves. While some of the reveals underscored by Ricamora’s cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me” were heartbreaking and gruesome, we couldn’t hold back our happy tears at this grand romantic gesture. It both represented their hard-won happy ending (for now) and showed the non-Broadway crowd why Ricamora’s voice is as rare and wondrous as Coliver’s love. —Maureen Lee Lenker

Charles and Liza sleep together, Younger

After four seasons of will-they-won’t-they, ex-wives with tell-all books, and attractive tattooed Brooklynites, Liza and Charles finally decided to try out a relationship after Charles learned the truth about Liza’s age. Oh, and there was a really hot sex scene that included them undressing while gazing at each other across the bed and some beyond-standard positions. It was enough to make the oldest fan feel young(er) again. —Ruth Kinane

Marceline and Princess Bubblegum kiss, Adventure Time

FINALLY. After 10 seasons, Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum had their first kiss, putting into canon the long-speculated relationship between the two most powerful women in Ood. The relationship between the two (and its bitter end) had long been hinted at through the run of the show (including the rock ’n’ roll “I’m Just Your Problem” song from Marceline). But it took defeating a giant monster at the end of the world for Marceline and Bubblegum to finally become Bubbline. “I don’t ever want to lose you again,” Marceline said before embracing PB. We’ll just be over here cheering. —Dana Schwartz

Olivia and Fitz meet at the bus stop, Scandal

After everything Fitz and Olivia went through during Scandal’s seven-season run, they didn’t quite get the picture-perfect happy ending, but for diehard fans, what they got was enough: After Olivia thankfully didn’t end up in jail, the series’ final moments saw her meet up with Fitz on a D.C. sidewalk. Their final words to each other? A simple “hi.” What came next was entirely up to them. —SH

FP and Alice sleep together, Riverdale

Bughead, Varchie, Cheroni — the list of Riverdale ships is endless, but one of our favorites is a little more adult. After spending years denying her Southside Serpent Roots, Alice and FP finally made good on all their sexual tension in episode 3 of the third season. Not only did it give viewers the moment of connection Falice shippers have been craving ahead of showing their high school fling in the flashback episode, but it also included fun revelations, like the fact that Alice’s Serpent tattoo is on her upper thigh and that FP has a jelly bean tattoo over his heart (awwww).  “This feels right, doesn’t it?” FP asks Alice as they cuddle. Yes, FP, yes it does. —MLL

Nico and Glasses kiss, Grey’s Anatomy

As with all good Grey’s romances, this moment went down while traveling in an elevator. Sexy ortho surgeon Nico openly flirted with bespectacled and inexperienced intern Levi for numerous episodes, before they finally locked lips between floors. (It also happened to be the first male same-sex kiss on the show!) So maybe things didn’t immediately kick off for the guys after that first kiss, but you know what they say — sooner or later a crazy windstorm is bound to strike and sweep you up in a romantic coupling in an ambulance. —RK

Athena and Bobby’s engagement, 9-1-1

The plots on 9-1-1 move at lightning speed, and so it was no surprise that while Bobby and Athena’s first date was at the end of the season 1 finale, their engagement happened by the fall finale of season 2. It seemed throughout “Merry Ex-Mas” that the couple were actually headed toward a split — the look on Bobby’s face when Athena suggested they move in together said it all — but by the end of the hour, the widower surprised Athena on Christmas Even with a jewelry box. Naturally, there was a key inside. But then Bobby got down on one knee, showed her the diamond, and romantically said, “I don’t want to take the next step. I want to take every step with you for the rest of our lives. Marry me, Athena.” —RR

Jonah and Amy sleep together, Superstore

Jonah and Amy’s relationship has been the very definition of a slow burn, but when they finally decided to give in to their feelings, nothing else mattered… not even the fact that she was pregnant with another man’s baby. Hey, if it means they’re together, we’re happy. —SH

Mickey and Ian’s reunion, Shameless

Considering the timing of Cameron Monaghan’s departure, it wasn’t surprising that Ian became the latest Gallagher to be sent to the slammer. But no one could have predicted what came next. Locked in his cell, Ian examines his bleak future, until the door opens behind him, revealing the identity of his cellmate. “Holy f—.” We couldn’t have said it better, Ian, upon feasting our eyes on Mickey, the love of his life who was last seen fleeing to Mexico. In the ultimate Shameless love gesture, Mickey snitched on the cartel he was working for in exchange for getting to pick where he’d be locked up at. “I got bottom, so you’re on top,” he declares, clearly talking about more than just their bunks! Only on Shameless could going to prison be a happy ending. —Derek Lawrence

Roger and Bree reunite, Outlander

There’s nothing like the moment you’re turning a corner on a road full of bends to lean over a plant a kiss on the driver! After months apart, fans were ecstatic when Roger and Bree were reunited on the Starz series. Luckily Bree is a modern woman, so she didn’t waste any time in picking things back up with the Scottish historian. Considering Roger’s more old-fashioned ideas about romance, we would have been faster time-traveling 10 years into the future to see any action if it had been up to him to take the lead. —RK

Catra and Adora dance together at Princess Prom, She-Ra

Is it bad to point out sexual tension in a show primarily aimed at children? Because how else are we supposed to describe the scene during Princess Prom when Catra showed up in an instantly iconic undone maroon tuxedo and swept Adora, her former best friend turned nemesis, into a dance? So much history! So much anger! So much — yep! — sexual tension! —DS

Nico and Karolina kiss, Marvel’s Runaways

For much of season 1, the romantic focus was about how Alex liked Nico, and Chase liked Karolina, but in the end, it was Nico’s connection with Karolina that won out in one of the best moments from Runaways. Because there’s nothing quite like watching the misfit form an unlikely connection with the church girl, especially when they both have powers. —SH

Oliver and Felicity’s reunion, Arrow

Oliver and Felicity spent the first half of season 7 separated from each other because the former went to prison at the end of season 6. The fan-favorite couple barely had any scenes together after Felicity’s tearful visit in the premiere; however, their separation finally came to an end in “The Slabside Redemption,” which saw Oliver literally fight his way back to her and gave us the passionate reunion kiss we all needed. —CA

Eleanor and Chidi kiss, The Good Place

Well, hot diggity dog. Our favorite Arizona trashbag and indecisive-as-heck philosophy professor had what might be the most surreal smooch on TV this year when Chidi tells Eleanor all the things he loves about her — and then kisses her — to help her regain her sense of self while they’re trapped in Janet’s void. The best part? Unlike their previous romantic moments in the reboots and the hudge’s chamber, their memories of it weren’t wiped immediately after. —Jessica Derschowitz

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