The New ‘Sister Wives’ Trailer For Season 8 Just Dropped And There’s Plenty Of Drama To Go Around

After much anticipation from Sister Wives fans and fans of TLC in general, the network has finally confirmed that the show is indeed coming back for another new season with an explosive new teaser trailer.

The trailer was first dropped by Us Weekly and the show will return to the airwaves on January 20 along with another hit TLC show in Seeking Sister Wife’s. But the trailer for Sister Wives appears to be a little bit more drama filled than than the seasons that came before it before it.

The clip starts off with Meri telling Kody, Robin, Janelle, and Christine that her loan for the bed and breakfast in Utah that she has been wanting to purchase has been approved. But there’s only one problem — she doesn’t have enough money for the down payment. Kody tells Meri that they also don’t have the money for the down payment and Meri confesses that she’s doing everything she can to try and “hold it in.”

“Part of me wants to just stand up and say, okay fine, I don’t need you guys!”

The video then pans over to a chat between Meri and Christine, who have infamously had troubles in their relationship. Meri says that she doesn’t think that Christine feels “comfortable” with her around to which Christine says that their relationship is tricky.

“The sister wives relationship is super tricky, because you’re trying to be best friends with the woman who has a relationship with your husband,” she tells the camera.

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The #SisterWives are back! Big changes are coming, and Kody has a plan to lead the family in a whole new direction. Tune in to the season premiere Sunday, January 20 at 8/7c!

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But aside from the drama, there are a few bright spots during this season of the show with Aspyn Brown getting engaged to boyfriend Mitch Thompson. The trailer shows some clips from their wedding, which was held over the summer before diving into the family’s big move from Nevada to Arizona.

At first, Kody tries to convince the wives that they should move back to Utah, the state that they were driven out of. Janelle has reservations about this, especially considering the fact that her son Gabriel is in his junior year of High School and it would be tough to make him switch schools just before graduation.

“Eventually, I am going to lead to places they may not want to go, but I am going to lead,” Kody tells viewers.

The rest of the trailer shows different family members weighing in on the family’s move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Some family members are totally for it while others are totally against it. According to Radar Online, Kody dropped around $820,000 on land alone for the family to move to Flagstaff so it will definitely be interesting to see how things pan out.

Sister Wives returns to TLC on January 20.

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