The Office US never-before-seen clip reveals Dwight and Jim's final prank

The Office US team have posted a never-before-seen deleted scene from the finale – with one last prank between Dwight and Jim.

In the never used cold open, Jim (John Krasinski) and wife Pam (Jenna Fischer) decide to prank Dwight in spectacular fashion by convincing him that he’s in The Matrix.

Now the boss of Dunder Mifflin, Dwight is seen shocked in his office as he sees a ‘glitch in the system’ as a cat walks by his office twice.

The pair then upped the ante by throwing Glenn from the Warehouse and his twin brother into the mix.

In the film, repeated moments are ‘glitches’ in the system of The Matrix, a computerised world that exists only in the minds of those plugged into the system.

After years of ‘nearly becoming an agent with MI6 and the FBI’, other pranks from Jim, Dwight’s interest is piqued when he receives a phone in the mail, warning him about men that are after him and demands he heads to the warehouse.

It’s there he meets Hank The Security Guard (Hugh Dane), dressed up in all-black and leather to reveal his ‘real’ identity as Dorpheus, Morpheus from the films’ brothers.

As Jim and Pam watch on from a security camera, Hank declares he needs Dwight to join him in creating an army to save the human race – then offers him the iconic ‘red or blue pill’ decision.

If he takes the blue, he’ll live in the world that he knows and will not remember their interaction, take the red, and he’ll be able to see ‘just how deep the rabbit hole goes’.

But Dwight throws a massive, heartwarming spanner in the works of the prank when he decides without hesitation to take the blue pill, and continue his life as it is.

‘I really appreciate the work that you and your brother are doing but the timing is terrible right now,’ Dwight responds, listing all the things he’s been able to achieve within this world.

He then talks about Angela, and adds: ‘I’m getting married soon to a woman I love, and ok yeah maybe that love is just zeros and ones, but I don’t want to lose it.

‘No one hates machines more than me. But I’m happy, I’m truly happy.’


The scene ends with a tribute to actor Hugh, who died in May 2018.

The Office US is available on Netflix.

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