The 'Ozark' Season 4 Teaser Actually Contains a Huge Spoiler

Netflix released a teaser for Ozark Season 4 a few weeks ago, and it turns out there was a big spoiler in it that we all missed.

The next season premieres in January 2022 and serves as the end of the story for the Byrde family. That means it’s going to be intense. But even so, we weren’t expecting this.

Here’s the ‘Ozark’ Season 4 teaser

Netflix released the trailer on Nov. 17, after much anticipation from fans. The video features scenes from earlier seasons, except for one big moment that appears to be from the new season. It starts with an image of a wrecked minivan and plays in reverse from there. Marty was apparently driving with his family when he was seemingly forced off of the road, causing the car to flip and crash in a nearby ditch.

“Human beings make decisions, they commit acts, and that makes things happen,” Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) narrates over the video. “It creates a snowball effect. It causes other people to make decisions. The cycle continues. The snowball keeps rolling. And sometimes people make decisions, and we gotta act accordingly, or you can crawl in a hole to die.”

There’s so much going on in the teaser that many viewers didn’t realize the car scene is new until others called it out. There were also a number of theories in the comment section, trying to predict what could have caused the accident and whether anyone survived.

The Byrdes need to get out

The Ozark cast and crew haven’t made many comments on the new season in recent months. But showrunner Chris Mundy previously told Deadline that it would find the Byrdes trying to determine their “out.”

“You’re going to learn what they want their end game to be, and they’re going to have to reckon with it a little bit …” he said. “If they’re trying to look to see if there’s an out, they’ve got to figure out if that’s what they want, and if so, what’s the version of it that they want. Then reckoning with that after so much chaos — that’s going to bubbling under the surface.”

When fans last checked in with the Byrdes, they were headed to Mexico with Helen Pierce to meet up with Omar Navarro. The couple was expecting him to make a decision between them and Helen, hoping he was satisfied enough with their relationship to spare their lives. Fortunately, he was, but that meant Helen had to go.

Now that she’s gone, the show will likely focus more on the rivalry between the Byrdes and Ruth Langmore. Fans will recall that Ruth quit working with them after learning of their involvement in Ben’s death and moved on to Darlene Snell, who’s slowly been rebuilding her business.

‘Ozark’ will be available in January

The fourth season of Ozark will be a two-part event, with the first half airing on Jan. 21, 2022. The second part does not yet have a release date, but the belief is that it will air later that year.

In the meantime, the first three seasons of Ozark can be found now on Netflix.

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