The Real Reason Farrah Abraham From 'Teen Mom' Might Be Getting Sued

She may not be on Teen Mom OG anymore, but Farrah Abraham is still one of the most polarizing TV personalities ever. We remember watching her grow up and have her daughter, Sophia, on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Then, on Teen Mom, viewers got an even closer look into Farrah’s tumultuous relationship with her parents and co-stars. Now, nearly a decade since she first appeared on TV later, we’re still hearing about what Farrah’s up to next — and this time, the drama’s surrounding her celebrity boxing match she was supposed to have with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, a reality star you may remember from Flavor of Love. 

We know Farrah didn’t go through with the match, but the boxing organizers still aren’t happy with how she bailed. Here’s why they’ve threatened to sue.

Farrah pulled out of the celebrity boxing match that was set to happen in November 2018 at the last minute

Farrah Abraham preparing for a boxing match | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

For anyone who keeps track of Farrah’s Instagram, it’s no secret that she was training for a boxing match. And Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, who, at one point, dated Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav after winning the reality love series, Flavor of Love, was going to be her opponent. Judging from Hoopz’s Instagram, she was taking the match seriously and was prepared to take Farrah down in a fair fight, too. The match was also for a good cause, as it was to raise awareness against bullying.

Sadly, fans of both Hoopz and Farrah never got to see the long-awaited fight, as Farrah pulled out with just weeks to go before the match, VH1 reports. Farrah claimed the promoters failed to fulfill their contractual promises. “[Promoters] Damon Feldman and Michael Mak didn’t deliver on their part. No flights, hotels, no coach flights, family that they agreed contractually,” she told Us Weekly.

Farrah wanted the event promoters to sign a contract stating the fight would be rigged in her favor

Farrah Abraham prepping for a boxing match | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

The match took place without Farrah, but she’s not out of hot water yet for her lack of attendance. Daily Mail Online reports one of the reasons Farrah pulled out of the match was because the event promoters would not sign a contract stating they would rig the fight so she would win. Paperwork drafted by Farrah’s lawyer stated, “The parties also agree that Farrah will ‘win’ this fight, and should Farrah ‘lose’ it’s construed as a material breach of contract.”

That’s not all Farrah demanded, either. She also wanted $5,000 in addition to half of all ticket sales, internet sales, TV licensing, and sponsorships, and she requested that every expense including airfare, hotel, meals, and ground transportation for the match be paid for as well.

Match promoter Damon Feldman is now threatening to sue

Farrah Abraham wearing boxing gloves in the Maldives | Farrah Abraham via Instagram

Damon Feldman, the match promoter, is furious at Farrah for her unreasonable demands and then absence from the fight. In an interview with Daily Mail Online, he said, “We paid for all her appearances at fitness clubs, pretending like she was training for a fight. She’s a complete absolute fraud. She didn’t perform in the match. She let me, Hoopz, and the public down.”

Feldman also added that everything seemed good with Farrah up until two weeks before the match — and that’s when her requests became impossible. He notes she started asking for 36 rooms and six first-class flights. “I told her simply, ‘you’re not a star. You’re a personality. You guys came to me, I’m giving you a chance to get back in the spotlight,” Damon added. But even with additional flights and hotel rooms, he states she wouldn’t do the fight because they couldn’t guarantee she would win.

“I’m suing her,” Damon said. “I’m going after her because she slandered my name with all these lies.” He did note he won’t sue if she goes through with a celebrity boxing match against Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry, however. Kailyn seems willing to go for it, so we’ll have to see if Farrah will also commit.

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