The Repair Shop viewers in tears as experts fix pensioner’s wartime doll

BBC viewers were left in tears when a pensioner brought a doll to be fixed and shared her wartime story on The Repair Shop.

Patricia Hall, 85, was one of the 800,000 children evacuated from British cities to rural areas at the beginning of World War II in 1939.

Appearing on the show with her granddaughter Alison, Patricia asks specialist duo Julie and Amanda for help to restore her doll Betty.

The experts unwrapped the cloth to reveal the delicate doll dressing in a cream-coloured gown. They inspected the doll and find a crack along the head, as well as torn fabric along the legs.

Patricia explained the story of the doll: "I got it on Christmas, 1939. I was a little evacuee from London, the war broke out, they said they've got to get all the children out of London. We went off one morning and we didn't go back home.

"We ended up being sent off to Bedfordshire and it was just coming up to Christmas.

"They gave me this as a Christmas present, she was dressed up in a beautiful red cape.

"She's the only thing I've ever kept. She's never been away from me. She sits in a chair in the bedroom.

"It would be amazing if she could look even a little bit better!"

Julie and Amanda tried their best to mend the doll but first they had to break it down by bits, including removing the 80-year-old stuffing inside the doll.

Patricia was stunned when they returned Betty to her in a brand new look with all her original pieces kept inside a pouch.

It touched viewers' hearts on Twitter, with one commenting: "Currently crying watching #therepairshop and they haven’t mended the doll or the sleigh yet! It’s been a long year! Send help. Happy Christmas."

"I am not crying over a doll, I refuse! Too late!" another said.

The Repair Show airs on BBC One

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