The Shining’s 5-year-old kid is completely unrecognisable now after quitting movies to become a pig farmer and teacher

THE Shining’s five-year-old kid is completely unrecognisable now after quitting movies to become a pig farmer and teacher.

Actor Danny Lloyd shot to fame back in 1980 as youngster Daniel Torrance in the psychological horror film.

Danny was five when he took on the role of the kid, who had with psychic abilities and could detect when evil spirits were around.

The hit blockbuster, based on author Stephen King's novel of the same name, focuses on the Torrance family and they stay at the Overlook Hotel.

Daniel's dad Jack gets offered a job as the winter caretaker, so Jack, his wife Wendy, and their son move in.

Things take a turn for the worst when the porter becomes possessed by evil spirits in the hotel.

Little did he know that his son was gifted "the shining" and was able to see all the horrible things that had happened in the building.

After Danny's stint on the popular film, he went on to play a young G. Gordon Liddy in Will: G. Gordon Liddy.

But the young star then decided drop acting and pursue other things.

Danny, now aged 49, lives a humble life in Kentucky, USA, and swapped the stage for the classroom as he now works as a science teacher at a high school.

But before that he worked in a Walmart and was even a pig farmer at one point too, which helped him fund his way through college.

During a chat with The Sun, the star opened up about what it was like being involved in Stanley Kubrick's iconic film.

The TV star told The Sun: "There’s a feeling I didn’t like the movie and I wanted nothing to do with acting.

"Really the truth is I kept trying for several years and I stopped at about 14 with almost no success.

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“I’m glad I was in The Shining. It just wasn’t something that panned out and I decided to go back to being a regular kid and school.

“I worked at the local Walmart, I also worked on a hog farm driving a tractor and working with the hogs.

“A Hollywood life probably wouldn’t have been for me anyway.

“I’m proud to come from the midwest — that’s my upbringing and that’s where I’m comfortable.

“I’m 48 now and I teach biology for a living. So I definitely tried but I’m happy the way things went.”

Danny is also a family man.

The child star, his wife Jessi Bowers and their kids live on a small farm just outside the city of Louisville.

They share two children together and Danny is also is also a step-dad to Jessi's kids from a previous relationship.

A prequel, directed by Mike Flanagan, called Doctor Sleep was released in 2019.

However Scottish actor Ewan McGregor took on the role of Daniel.

In the blockbuster Daniel is now a grown man and has to help others that have similar powers to him.

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