'The View' Host Ana Navarro Claps Back at Donald Trump Jr After Obesity Comment

”If you want to have a conversation about the effects of obesity on people with COVID, your dad is a phone call away…assuming he answers your calls,“ Navarro said

On Friday night, Navarro appeared on “Andersen Cooper 360” to reassure fans that she was “feeling great” and that she had actually tested negative twice in the hours since the ruckus on “The View.”

“So we took a rapid antigen test, and we took a PCR, both have come back false positive for me,” Navarro told Cooper. “I can’t speak for Sunny, it’s her privacy. It’s up to her to talk about her test results. And I’m waiting for another one, so that I can fly home to Miami.”

On Saturday, Navarro returned to Twitter with another update, saying all tests since that initial positive had come back negative, including a third PCR test.

But the positive test not only led Hostin and Navarro to leave the set on Friday, but prompted remaining co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines to continue with a live interview with Vice President Kamala Harris — who remained isolated in a room elsewhere in the studio building and did not come on set.

“I want to thank Kamala Harris and her team, for being such pros and rolling with the punches,” Navarro said. “And thank you to the team at ‘The View,’ particularly Joy Behar and Sara Haines, for keeping the show running.”

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