The Widow on ITV: ‘Didn’t see that coming’ Viewers rocked by TWO bombshell twists

Tonight’s episode of the ITV show saw Georgia Wells (played by Kate Beckinsale) discover the truth that her husband Will Mason (Matthew Le Nevez) was actually alive and well in Rwanda.

She found him being guarded in a house, and far from being held captor by the man standing outside, Will revealed he actually worked for him.

He told her what had happened, that Judith Gray (Alex Kingston) had tried to have him killed but he didn’t get on the plane that crashed after a bomb went off inside it.

Since then he had been laying low in the country and had since gone on to get into a relationship with another woman and a new baby.

Wasn’t expecting that

The Widow viewer

Georgia was completely crushed at the revelation and completely broke down toward the end of the episode.

But is he telling the whole truth of the situation?

On top of that the close of the instalment saw Judith, who was believed to be killed in the previous episode, also alive.

The double twist was a complete surprise to some fans who expressed their opinions on Twitter.

“Wasn’t expecting that in #thewidow. What a b*****d!” one exclaimed.

Another added: “She’s not dead?? I was finally making sense of it all and then they throw in that final scene #TheWidow.”

“Well I didn’t see that coming …. I hope Will comes to a bad ending #TheWidow,” a third said.

A fourth declared: “Judith? Will? What the hell is going on. Cannot wait for the final episode tomorrow though! #TheWidow.”

While a fifth shared: “I think I just dislocated my jaw. After everything she’s just been through to find him. i can’t even .. what?! #TheWidow.”

However, could the big reveal about Judith not really being dead mean Will is in danger?

As one viewers noted: “Oh. Judith is going to find out Will is actually alive isn’t she? #TheWidow.”

Last week when Judith was said to be dead, some viewers weren’t so convinced.

It was Joshua Peake (Matthew Gravelle) who told Martin Benson (Charles Dance) that Judith had died.

He was the one who found her close to death, however, as a colleague of Judith’s, some fans thought he was lying to protect her.

With just one episode left, what will happen to Georgia after all she’s been through to find Will?

The Widow concludes tomorrow at 9pm on ITV.

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