The Yorkshire Vet’s Peter Wright addresses future on series as Channel 5 impose ban

Peter Wright discusses his 'Mr Testicle' nickname

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The Yorkshire Vet is a documentary series that follows veterinarians Peter Wright and Julian Norton as they tend to animals in need at their practices in North Yorkshire. Peter, who has been a staple on the programme since 2015, has quickly become a firm favourite with fans. However, despite the success of the show, Channel 5 boss Daniel Pearl explained the channel will now be looking outside of Yorkshire for other shows in future. In an exclusive interview with, the 64-year-old also addressed his future on the Channel 5 series.

Earlier this week, Channel 5’s commissioning editor Daniel Pearl announced at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Yorkshire won’t be the setting for future programmes.

According to Guardian, he didn’t want to create “another programme about Yorkshire (or) another programme about a large family in Yorkshire”.

As shows from Yorkshire will no longer be aired on Channel 5, Daniel was eager to share he will be looking for other stories to tell instead.

As well as The Yorkshire Vet, programmes like Our Yorkshire Farm, The Yorkshire Steam Railway: All Aboard, All Creatures Great and Small have quickly become fan-favourites with viewers.

Despite Channel 5’s decision to branch out to other areas, it doesn’t look like The Yorkshire Vet is going anywhere, anytime soon.

Vet Peter explained the channel has already commissioned the show for 2022.

When asked if he wanted to continue being a part of The Yorkshire Vet, Peter said: “Absolutely.

“And what’s pleasing is obviously another series going out in Autumn and now we have been commissioned for next year.”

He continued: “So, we have another 20 odd episodes going out next year, as well as in 2022.”

Since the vet made his debut on the show, he admitted he often gets stopped by fans for “selfies”.

“I was quite flattered at the Yorkshire Show,” he explained. “I couldn’t walk two metres, without being stopped for selfies.

“There were people just wanting to just speak to me. We have lots and lots of really loyal fans that love the programme.”

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 Speaking about why he thinks The Yorkshire Vet is so successful, the vet added: “I think it’s successful for several reasons.

“But I think primarily, with this horrible lockdown that we’ve been through I think people wanted to get back to more towards nature and the natural world.

“I think that it has given them that comfort. There’s a really close link between animals and people’s wellbeing and health.

“And I think people get an awful lot of pleasure from animals.”


Peter has become a familiar face on the programme, although he almost didn’t take part in the show at all.

The vet explained he was initially “wary” about featuring in the programme.

“I was slightly wary that the media wanted to put their own slant on things,” Peter admitted.

“The managing director came to see me. A true Yorkshireman.

“And he said ‘Look, I will never let you down. I won’t let you down, I promise you,’ and that’s what swayed it. He was true to his word.”

The Yorkshire Vet is available to watch on Channel 5.

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