There's a 'Beauty and the Beast' Prequel Coming Our Way, and It's All About Gaston

The year is 1991. People are crowded in front of their local movie theater (remember when we used to do that?) to catch the latest Disney flick: Beauty and the Beast. And sure, the love connection between dear heroine Belle and her ferocious yet also sexy Beast was a love story for the ’90s ages, but we’d be remiss to forget a certain handsome villain in our midst: Gaston. As his namesake song loves to dictate, “No one’s been like Gaston,” and who could blame us for maybe kinda sorta liking the guy? He’s all brawn and slight brains, which for a Disney villain is actually pretty tame!

Well, it’s now 2021, and after Beauty and the Beast‘s hit 2017 movie remake, Disney is about to make bank on Gaston once again. This time, our resident antagonist is getting his *own* prequel TV show/musical, exclusively on Disney+.

Here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Gaston prequel series.

First things first: What is this show about?

It’s about Gaston, duh! In all seriousness that’s a great question, and here’s what Disney had to say to The Hollywood Reporter about it:

According to the outlet, Gaston and LeFou’s story will be limited to eight episodes (already shedding a tear TBH), and the show will feature tons of hijinks, maybe some fighting, and a potential romance which has yet to be unveiled. Oh, and there are deep dangerous secrets hidden within the familiar kingdom of Villeneuve which could potentially spell its doom. How’s that for a drama-filled season??

Um, cool! Now who can we expect to star in the show?

If you’re somewhat familiar with the 2017 version of the story (as any true Disney fan should be!), then it won’t surprise you to hear that Luke Evans and Josh Gad will be returning to their roles of Gaston and LeFou respectively. And with this duo back in action? All we can say is THANK YOU to the Disney execs for giving these villains another chance!

Joining Luke and Josh will be Briana Middleton, who is expected to play Lefou’s stepsister Tilly. She has her own secrets to hide as she joins the bumbling friends on a comedic journey.

There’s an obvious omission here. Is Emma Watson going to make a surprise appearance as Belle? We hate to disappoint you, but since the show takes place *before* the events of Beauty and the Beast, chances seem slim…but are TBD as of right now.

Good to know! When will the Gaston show premiere?

Sad to say this, but there. is no premiere date just yet. The show was only just announced—give Disney some time to film it!

Okay, okay! Now is there a trailer out?

Another hard no here. But again, give it some time. In the meantime, Disney+ has both the 1991 and 2017 movies on its site, so how about you watch those right now?

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