This is how much money Sophia Loren is worth

Being a world renowned actress like Sophia Loren has its perks, not the least of which is amassing a ton of cash. Given how long and storied her career is, what is Sophia Loren really worth? It’s definitely more than well earned. 

Per Biography, Loren was born in Rome, Italy in 1934 and by the 1950s was a rising Italian star. Her first Hollywood film after signing with Paramount Pictures was The Pride and the Passion in 1957, which was filmed in Paris and starred Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra. Just like in the movie, she became entangled with Grant and Italian film producer Carlo Ponti. She eventually went on to marry Ponti and they stayed together until he died in 2007.  

Loren’s long career won her many accolades. She won the Academy Award for best actress for Two Women in 1961, which made her the first actress ever to win for a non-English speaking role. Loren starred in almost 100 films, per IMDb, including well-known flicks like 1963’s Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, which won the Oscar for best foreign film, Marriage, Italian Style in 1964 for which Loren was nominated for best actress, and A Countess from Hong Kong with Marlon Brando in 1967. She also won the Academy’s honorary award in 1991. 

In addition to a large stack of awards, Loren also racked up a lot of income from her time in the spotlight. So what did all this earn her?

Sophia Loren is worth millions

Per Celebrity Net Worth, Sophia Loren is reportedly worth $75 million, which makes sense given the longevity of her career. And she’s loved every minute of it. In 2019, she told the San Diego Tribune, “Acting for me is life. Acting is my life. Acting for me is a way to think about what I am doing and what I am able to do which I could not do before. I have learned so many things in my profession that it is a pleasure to show feelings, to show suffering and feeling joyful. It is a wonderful thing.”

Sophia Loren is also grateful for what she has. “In a way, I was born to do this. Every day I am able to discover things in my career that are really, really wonderful,” she told the Tribune. Although life hasn’t been always easy — hubby Carlo Ponti passed away in 2007 — Loren has had an amazing career and a happy family life, with sons Edoardo and Carlo. And whatever she has in the bank shows that it really was worth it, in more ways than one.

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